League of Legends’ new Winterblessed event pass is this year’s worst

League of Legends' new Winterblessed event pass has been datamined, and it's trading out a few core rewards for some that are lackluster.

League of Legends' new Winterblessed event pass is this year's worst: A pretty woman with short white hair wearing glowing moon earrings sits on a stem with her hand to her lips stretching out huge metal legs

The upcoming League of Legends Winterblessed event pass has been datamined ahead of time, and eagle-eyed fans have noticed that several high-stakes rewards have been switched out for relatively uninspiring banners.

With the Worlds 2023 battle pass concluding today, November 28, all eyes are on Winterblessed, League of Legends‘ upcoming holiday event. While I’ve already decided to buy the Senna skin (of course I have), I was flip-flopping around the new event pass – I got 125 Mythic Essence from the Worlds one, so why not get even more?

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Well, color me disappointed. LoL icon ‘SkinSpotlights’ has datamined the MOBA‘s new event pass ahead of time, and the results have left a lot of players out in the cold (pun entirely intended).

As noted by YouTuber ‘Julex_Gameplays,’ level 30 of the pass would normally drop a grab bag (randomized loot boxes often containing decent-tier skins), but now gives a pretty generic looking banner. Level 46 has also been changed, with players also losing Orange Essence for an enhanced edition of the aforementioned banner. Let’s be real, that’s not a great trade.

If you’re a free player, the plus is that you’ll now get a banner over an icon – which, given the icons are normally relatively meh, is probably the better option. But, as someone who loves to grind through these passes, the changes are pretty disappointing.

An image showing the rewards for League of Legends 2023 Winterblessed event pass

Additionally, if leaks are to be believed, LoL Winterblessed 2023 kicks off on Thursday, December 7, and concludes on Monday, January 8 2024. This gives us just over a month to complete the pass, while previous iterations like the Lunar Revel and Soul Fighter passes were around a month and eight days. It’s a slight nerf, but one that’s certainly impactful.

As someone who loves the Winterblessed aesthetic and has argued that we need LoL’s seasonal Rifts back as a result, I hate that the pass has been nerfed for my all-time favorite event. In the wake of the $200 chromas for Jhin and Ekko, as well as the new Redeemed Star Guardian Xayah and Rakan skins effectively being expensive recolors, things are feeling a little weird in LoL right now, and I don’t like it.

There’s still time for Riot to change the rewards, so hopefully the pass ships with an extra grab bag. Otherwise, I guess I’ll be looking forward to the new era that League of Legends Season 14 promises, as well as the moment that Prestige True Damage Senna appears in the League of Legends Mythic shop. I have the essence now, no one can stop me.

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