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League of Legends Mastery is finally changing, Riot says

If you're one of those League of Legends players that has loads of Mastery shards but no way to unlock them, same, but thankfully Riot plans to change that.

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If you, like me, are actually semi-decent at League of Legends, you’ll likely have a whole slew of Mastery shards sitting in your loot tab. At the moment, you need to collect several Mastery shards, as well as blue essence, or a champion shard in order to increase your status in the MOBA (you can also sacrifice the champion, but who does that?). However experience designer on League of Legends, Jordan ‘BarackProbama’ Checkman, hints that the current system might change in the future – and I am elated.

I play Senna, like, a lot of Senna, but at the moment I’m stuck hoping for champion shards so that I can finally upgrade my status to Mastery 7. It’s a slow, RNG-driven process which, I won’t lie, is absolutely beyond frustrating.

A popup in League of Legends informing the player they have received a mastery shard for Senna

While the new mass disenchantment tool is great for discarding shards I don’t want, getting ones I do is just an annoying lottery that, thankfully, it looks like Riot is planning on changing.

Speaking to Mastery specifically, Checkman writes “We are currently evaluating what is next for Champion Mastery. One thing we are fairly sure of is that the collecting loot items and cashing them in part of the system is not something we’d like to carry forward.” Phew.

“More to share on that as things develop, but this also factored into our feature-prioritization for Multi-Disenchant. (Minimizing throw-away work and such).”

A comment from League of Legends developer Riot Games on the state of Champion Mastery in League of Legends

This is music to my ears. When I perform well on a champion and score that Mastery shard, I want to relish the moment and upgrade it there and then. The process is really drawn out, and by the time I finally get Mastery 7 on Senna it won’t feel as special anymore. Fingers crossed that update comes soon, because I want to emote my Mastery at the start of games to scare off the competition – that’s how it works, right?

If you’re looking to rank up your Mastery levels, though, make sure you check out the League of Legends 13.16 patch notes so that you can see who’s on top (spoiler: it’s Akali), as well as our LoL Arena tier list to help you assert your dominance on those fools.