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League of Legends is getting a Vampire Survivors style PvE mode

While Arenas coming back is great, Riot has sneakily announced that a League of Legends PvE mode is coming, channeling Vampire Survivors.

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One of the things I find so interesting about Riot’s elusive League of Legends MMORPG is how it will transform a PvP-focused game into a PvE one. It’s hard to imagine League without your angry midlaner typing myriad colorful expletives in the chat, but this summer we’ll be getting a taste of PvE LoL with its newest game mode.

With the League of Legends MMORPG apparently “going dark for several years” as the team rebuilds it from the ground up, we’ll be waiting quite a while to see, well, anything. As someone who has plowed hours into World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14, it’s pretty disappointing – but at least we’ll be getting a taste of LoL PvE this summer.

Yes, you read that right: as part of the MOBA‘s summer event, Riot is releasing a new, Vampire Survivors-style bullet heaven. We don’t know much more than that, but what I do know is that I’m excited.

“We are working on our first ever survivor bullet heaven PvP mode,” says game producer Selina ‘ChooChoo Trainnnn’ Liu. “You’ll be able to fight against hordes of enemies by yourself, or with friends” modes team lead Eduardo ‘Cadmus’ Cortejoso continues. “So whether you’re looking for a challenge, or you just want to have fun with friends, we want this to be something everyone can enjoy.”

Compared to the likes of Star Guardian and Odyessy, Cadmus calls this mode “markedly different,” so expect something new and, in my opinion, pretty exciting.

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As someone who didn’t quite gel with Soul Fighter, and looks back at the Spirit Blossom event with rose-tinted glasses, I’ve been waiting for something a little bit different. I’ve had a rocky relationship with Season 13, and I’ve been looking for a reason to play again. Given how much time I’ve put into Vampire Survivors (haven’t we all?), this may just be what I’ve been waiting for.

There’s a while to go until summer, though, and some huge changes are coming to Arenas, so it’s worth checking out our LoL Arena tier list in advance to see which comps you’ll want to run. Or, if you’re still trying to get Challenger, we have a LoL tier list to help you choose the best champs for the job.

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