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League of Legends caster gifts player skin to “atone” for HotS sins

League of Legends caster and LEC icon Quickshot has given a former HotS player a free skin and champion to 'atone' for feeding his ego in the Blizzard MOBA.

League of Legends caster gifts player skin to 'atone' for HotS sins: A woman with swept back black hair with a silver streak wearing a white suit and silver gas mask stands holding a huge staff oozing pink gas in a dimly lit green room

While Heroes of the Storm continues to thrive despite Blizzard ending service for it last year, many avid MOBA fans have jumped ship to League of Legends. One lucky player was spotted by Riot Games caster and LEC star Trevor ‘Quickshot’ Henry, who has gifted them a skin and champion to ‘atone’ for causing chaos in HotS.

In response to the player’s Reddit post about trying out League, Quickshot writes “want a free champion? After reading all the replies, let me know a champion and skin you’d like, I’ll gift it tomorrow. (DM me, but let the readers know your choice too).

“Why am I doing this?,” he asks himself. “Whenever I got tilted in League, I played HotS to destroy kids and make my ego feel better. This is how I atone for my sins.”

Quickshot does clarify, however, that “this is not something I’m ‘personally’ paying for – thank Rito [Riot Games] and go hogwild. Something you’re intrigued by or the most expensive. I’ll add you to my friend list and send the gift once the timing window passes.”

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While the player initially declined (probably not wanting to casually accept things from strangers on the internet), upon realising Quickshot is affiliated with Riot they accepted the offer.

Some jokingly suggested they ask for the fabled Black Alistar or a PAX skin – all of which are some of the game’s rarest cosmetics – but they settled on Gentleman Cho’Gath given their affinity for the top lane terror because “omg he grows.” For their champion, they chose Renata Glasc, Chem Baroness and powerful support.

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“I really like Glasc’s CC [crowd control] potential, especially after getting into Zilean. And Cho’Gath… well… it gives [him] a top hat, monocle, bow tie, and a pipe. I’m not saying no.”

Sadly, League of Legends is renowned for being pretty toxic. I only started in Season 10, and I vividly recall that one top lane game that put me off of playing the role entirely. I even took a break at the start of Season 12 because of how toxic I found the game, but this little exchange is proof that the vast majority of the people who are playing League just want to have fun. It’s a small yet powerful good deed, and it genuinely makes me want to dive into the game again.

I won’t be checking how much I’ve spent on League of Legends when I log in next, though, but I will give our LoL tier list a glance to ensure that I’m maximising my supporting capabilities. Engage supports are meta again, after all, so I can’t wait to flex my Rakan.