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League of Legends Rek’Sai set for buffs as mini-rework flops

League of Legends resident tunnel traveler and void beast Rek'Sai is set for some pretty massive buffs after her mini-rework didn't deliver.

League of Legends now has a ridiculous 167 champions available to play on Summoner’s Rift. And, only naturally, some of those champions don’t receive the same love and attention as some of the more popular money-printing champions do (I’m looking at you, Ezreal, Leona, and Lux). Rek’Sai is certainly in the camp of ignored champions; however, LoL developers Riot saw to it that Reksai received a minor rework to her abilities to bring her up to date in patch 14.4. When her win rate and play rate barely moved, the devs decided it was time for some major buffs.

League of Legends‘ meta is constantly evolving as the popular MOBA game gets a brand new patch roughly every two weeks. Although the pool of viable champions is constantly changing, some champions find it more difficult than others to crack into the current meta. One of those champions is Rek’Sai.

Rek’Sai is a jungle whose main skill is creating tunnels around the map, slithering through them to knock up opponents and shred their health bars quickly. Over the last few years, the void borrower has been left out to dry as she hasn’t been popular to play, nor an extremely strong champion in her own right.

When patch 14.4 was revealed, LoL devs unveiled that her spells were undergoing some well-needed maintenance. A few changes of note were made when the patch hit live servers. Now, when using her Unburrow (W) ability, she knocks up all enemies near her instead of just the focus target of her attack. Also, her ability Furious Bite (E) now deals increased damage scaling with her attack damage as well as the opponent’s maximum health.

While these changes were aimed at making her more of a fighter and less of an assassin, the rework failed to hit the mark as her play rate has stayed roughly the same. Now, League’s lead gameplay design Matt ‘Phroxzon’ Leung-Harrison reveals that patch 14.5 will bring new buffs to Rek’Sai.

In a tweet on Wednesday February 28, Phroxzon states, “We’re still continuing to try and support bruiser Rek’Sai builds… (her) E and R damage aren’t quite hitting the mark, especially after E’s change off being true damage.”

Here are the full Rek’Sai changes coming in League of Legends patch 14.5:

  • Auto-attack animation/speed improvements.
  • Queen’s Wrath (Q) autos can no longer be canceled.
  • Furious Bite (E) 100 Fury damage changed from 6-14% to 8-14%, damage to monsters 60-400 to 75-400.
  • Void Rush (R) damage changed from 100-400 + 100% bonus AD + 20-30% to 150-450 + 100% bonus AD + 25-35% missing health.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Overall, these changes certainly pack more damage into her kit, but the inability for Rek’Sai to cancel her auto attacks by using her Queen’s Wrath ability might rub some players the wrong way.

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