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League of Legends RP is more expensive, especially in UK

League of Legends RP prices are due to increase today across the globe, but the UK has been hit pretty hard as a result of Brexit and other world events

League of Legends RP Prices To Change Today With The UK Seeing The Biggest Increase Debonair Draven

League of Legends RP (Riot Points, for those uninitiated) are the MOBA‘s lifeblood – at least from a commercial standpoint. They can be purchased by players in order to buy cosmetics, battle passes, and even extra pages to store your in-game runes.

Each year, the prices of these are reviewed per region and adjusted according to inflation and other things that nobody really understands. This year is a biggie; prices across the board are rising significantly and the ‘bonus RP’ you get when buying bigger bundles is now gone.

The changes are coming into play today, 19 August, with the UK seeing an average price increase of 10.9%. The breakdown of the costs is as follows:

Old Price (GBP) Old Total Currency New Price (GBP New Total Currency
5.00 730 4.49 575
10.00 1520 10.99 1450
15.00 2330 20.99 2850
20.00 3080 34.99 5000
35.00 5480 49.99 7250
50.00 7920 99.99 15000

The cost of living is going up everywhere – even our favourite MOBA isn’t getting away unscathed, but it’s important to remember that League of Legends is ultimately a free game. The Prime Gaming loot capsules now seem more valuable than ever, despite those also getting nerfed recently. Combine that with the personal shop that shows up every once in a while and we’ll all still be able to dip our toe into the fancy-skin pool, maybe just not as often as before.

Also, ‘fancy skin pool’ sounds gross and I promise to never mention it again.

We have a quick guide on finding out how much you’ve spent in League of Legends here – it’s something you may want to check up on now the prices have gone up. As always, keeping up to date on matters of the Rift is always a good idea, and we have our League of Legends 12.16 patch notes for just that reason.