Riot just dropped a new League of Legends champion, and he’s adorable

Riot has just revealed what appears to be a new League of Legends champion called Smolder, a tiny, sassy little dragon who channels Spyro.

A cute little red dragon with purple trims on its scales sits smiling mischievously as two little firey horns burn on its head

Riot has just unveiled what appears to be a new League of Legends champion called Smolder. Tiny and scaly, but with huge ambitions, he’s channeling the adorableness of Spyro, and is just as sassy.

Welcome to League of Legends Season 14 everyone! Out of absolute nowhere, Riot has unveiled what appears to be the MOBA‘s newest champion: a tiny, firebreathing misfit called Smolder. I didn’t have Spyro on my League of Legends bucketlist for 2024, but here we are.

In a January 4 tweet that reads “Smolder is kind of a big deal,” we see a beautifully illustrated tale about dragons (in which Aurelion Sol appears to feature, of course). Narrated by the lizard of the hour himself in his own, sassy style, we finally catch a glimpse of Smolder at the end of the video.

Featuring deep red scales with purple wings and trims, as well as two little horns made of flames and a Charmander-style tail, he’s absolutely adorable. And I really mean, adorable. The video closes out with an irritable screech, and Smolder reassuring his mother “I’m fine,” despite burning a hole in a rather ornate looking tapestry.

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Reactions are exactly as you might expect. “HE IS CUTE, I LOVE HIM, NEW MAIN,” reads the top comment, to which Riot responds “the cutest.” Others, however, aren’t a fan of the fact he has a more humanoid face, asking “Why did you give him a human face? What was the problem of just having… a dragon snout?”

Following Riot’s reveals on January 5, we’ve also got a rundown of Smolder’s abilities, and they’re pretty scary. However, as a lore enthusiast, I really can’t wait for is to see how he interacts with our favorite Space Puppy. Aurelion Sol is a lot older, after all, but is equally as vicious with his sassy little quips. Either way, as someone who adores dragons, I can’t wait to see what comes next (please make him a support, please make him a support).

In the meantime, though, I’ll be keeping an eye on which League of Legends skins are currently on sale to try and pick up some Dragonmancer cosmetics (Tranquillity Dragon Karma, I choose you), as well as our LoL tier list to ensure I’m coming into the new season with the same sass as Smolder.

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