League of Legends Star Guardian event extended following backlash

The League of Legends Star Guardian event is extended following backlash from fans of Riot Games' MOBA with regards to missions, rewards, and event tokens

League of Legends Star Guardian event postponed following backlash: Ekko from League of Legends holds a giant sword

The League of Legends Star Guardian event has been extended after a range of players in Riot Games’ MOBA claimed that they had not received mission updates, rewards, or event tokens.

A League of Legends user recently sent Riot Games a support ticket due to an issue with their Star Guardian missions not updating. They allegedly received a message back confirming that not only were the missions down for ‘maintenance’ but that the event store would be extended to August 24.

This comes after a series of complaints by League of Legends fans, centering around the rewards system of the latest event. A lot of players’ missions weren’t updating, some weren’t receiving rewards, and, most importantly of all, some were unable to keep up to date the high school super team’s crime-fighting antics. Details of the complaints were shared by fans online.

This would be annoying for anyone at the best of times, but considering that a lot of people have paid money to access the premium version of the event pass, they feel even more aggrieved. There are certain skins that can only be obtained by purchasing them from the current event store, so while an extension is welcome, not being able to keep track of your currently earned tokens might raise other issues down the line.

Riot Arwyll posted an update on the League of Legends support page:

“We are aware of delays impacting the progress of the missions as well as the granting of Levelling rewards and Star Guardian Event Tokens and we are working on a fix. Rest assured that the delay is only temporary and your rewards are on their way to you.”

An acknowledgment of the issues from Riot lend more weight to the alleged support message received by the player, and with this happening in the past with other events it’s not a stretch to take this at face value. The full plan to rectify the mission issues is as follows, according to Riot’s player support:

“1. We will extend the event store until Wednesday, Aug 24 across all regions- it means that players will continue to earn tokens through loot and missions, players will also be allowed to redeem tokens for two additional days.

2. We will be activating a compensation mission on Wednesday, August 17 in affected regions that players will have until August 24 to complete – for now, I would like to inform you that the rewards for this compensation mission are not finalised.”

If you’re having issues with your Star Guardian event pass, it’s going to be a case of ‘watch this space’ for now, sadly. The compensation missions they speak of usually consist of playing a singular game for a bunch of tokens, in an effort to catch you up on what you may have missed.

In the meantime, after paying for the premium pass, why not take the plunge and find out exactly how much you’ve spent in League of Legends, and to keep up to date with the latest changes make sure you read the League of Legends patch notes for 12.15. You might also want to try something from our list of the best games like LoL, including other MOBAs like Dota 2 and Smite.