League of Legends streamer Tyler1 rages after huge bug, Riot replies

League of Legends streamer Tyler1 was hit with a remake bug mid-game, and his ensuing rant has prompted a response from the MOBA's dev team, Riot Games

League of Legends streamer Tyler1 hit with remake bug and Riot responds: A bald, muscular man in a red vest top looks confused at a PC monitor

League of Legends streamer Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp was hit with a remake bug while playing the MOBA live, prompting an explosive reaction and a wave of backlash from angry fans. Taking to the LoL Reddit to express their anger, one Riot rep has replied and confirmed the issue is being looked at.

In the clip, Tyler shows off some flashy Tristana mid moves, but ultimately gets slaughtered by the opposing Kassadin. As he respawns, the squad attempt to remake as their Nunu is sitting in the fountain. This, however, is where things quickly go downhill.

When trying to remake, Tyler is hit with the warning message “remake is only available when players fail to connect to the game.” Instantly hitting the AFK Nunu with a barrage of question mark pings, he replies “you’re s**tting me…” before slamming his fist down on his keyboard.

“I sit here and I get remade on all f**king day, and it never bugs. I try and f**king remake, first game of the day and my Nunu doesn’t take f**king smite – God knows why – and we can’t remake and I take a f**king loss. Bro, I can’t deal with this s**t all day long.”

Concluding with an angry “the company [Riot] is f**king me over,” he puts up a surrender vote because “f is the only key that still on the keyboard.”

As the game finally comes to an end, things somehow manage to get even worse. Whacked with an LP penalty for going AFK, he simply claps and says “you’re lucky I don’t punch my f**cking monitor. Get this, I actually lose 20 LP, and next game I lose more LP.”

As the clip blew up on Reddit, competitive systems dev Auberaun responded. “We’ll fix this. [We’re] also looking to move up the remake timer to when absence would reasonably start to impact the game, so around minions meeting in mid or something, exact time to be decided.”

Players were quick to question how long this fix would take, and if it would ever truly be implemented. “Confidence has to be earned, which we’ll work towards by following through here,” Auberaun replies.

“Reddit’s a tough one, on one hand it’s only a small proportion of League’s English-speaking audience, but also the folks here really f**king care and are deeply engaged, which I value a lot, but doesn’t always drive priorities because it’s not the full picture.”

While any future fixes won’t help Tyler (and his keyboard, RIP), at least Riot is looking into the issue. While League of Legends patch 12.18 is already out, we can maybe expect some changes in 12.19 or 12.20. In the mean time, though, be sure to check out how much you’ve spent on League of Legends – especially with the new Lil Nas X Worlds skin on the horizon.