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League of Legends Champion Wukong’s rework is on the way

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest changes headed to Riot’s flagship MOBA game with League of Legends patch 10.1 you might have noticed a certain Monkey King was missing from the list of balance changes. Following a recent tweet from lead gameplay designer Mark Yetter saying the Diver Champion’s long-anticipated overhaul wasn’t ready for patch 10.1, it looks like the rework is now on the way – Wukong’s arrived for testing on the PBE.

As revealed in the League of Legends patch 10.2 notes, Wukong’s playstyle has been thoroughly overhauled, with changes across all of his abilities. As well as a base armour increase, his Passive, Strength of Stone, now gives him a temporary physical damage shield, and his Q, Wuju Strike, grants the Champion’s follow-up attack a lot more range and some hefty bonus physical damage on targets’ armour.

Wukong’s W ability, Warrior Trickster, lets him dash, become invisible, and let a clone do the heavy lifting against enemies for a few seconds, giving him a stealthy advantage. Nimbus Strike, his E ability, also sees Wukong dash at his foes, firing out extra clones that dash alongside him at up to two extra enemies nearby. Following this, he gets some extra attack speed for four seconds.

Last up, Wukong’s R skill, Cyclone, lets him spin his staff around for four seconds, dealing some sharp physical damage to enemies unlucky enough to be in his way, granting him some extra movement speed at the same time.

These changes will hopefully help Wukong regain a higher win rate, given that according to League of Legends Champion stats site LoLalytics he currently has only a 47% rate of success at platinum level and above (at the time of writing).

Check out the full breakdown of Wukong’s upcoming overhaul and balance changes in the latest League of Legends 10.2 patch notes. Just bear in mind that they’re up for testing at the moment and could continue to change before the patch goes live in a couple of weeks’ time, so keep checking back for the latest details on his ability and stat updates.

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