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Legends of Runeterra champions: who are the Legends of Runeterra champions

Who are the champions in Legends of Runeterra, the new League of Legends card game


Who are the Legends of Runeterra champions? The League of Legend card game will soon be available, as Legends of Runeterra hits open beta on January 24.

Legends of Runeterra champions all belong to a Legends of Runeterra region and have special abilities, and their own unique levelling up system. To level up a champion card, you’ll need to complete the level up task found on the card, each champion has one and once complete will get a bump in stats – discover the best Legends of Runeterra decks to compliment each champion, some of the best decks are built around unleashing the power of champion cards, so it’s worth reading up on each Legends of Runeterra champion’s ability.

Here are the Legends of Runeterra champions confirmed so far, including what region they belong to and their levelling up ability.

Legends of Runeterra champions


Piltover & Zaun champions


Cost: 4
Power: 4 [+1]
Health: 3 [+1]
Abilities: Quick attack
Level up: Your hand is empty
Level up abilities: Quick Attack. Start of Round: Draw 1. The first time you empty your hand each round, create a Fleeting Super Mega Death Rocket! in hand


Cost: 3
Power: 1 [+1]
Health: 3 [+1]
Abilities: Elusive. Nexus Strike: Create a Fleeting Mystic Shot in hand
Level up: You’ve targeted enemy units 8+ times
Level up abilities: Nexus Strike: Create a Fleeting Mystic Shot. When you cast a spell, deal 2 to the enemy Nexus


Cost: 1
Power: 1 [+1]
Health: 1 [+1]
Abilities: Elusive. Nexus Strike: Add 5 Poison Puffcaps to the enemy’s deck
Level up: When the enemy player has 15 of more Poision Puffcaps in their deck
Level up abilities: Nexus Strike: Double the Poison Puffcaps in the enemy deck


Cost: 5
Power: 1 [+1]
Health: 3 [+1]
Abilities: When you cast a spell create a Fleeting Turret in hand
Level up: You’ve summoned 12+ total power of Turrets
Level up abilities: When you cast a spell, create a Fleeting Turret in hand with equal cost. Grant it +1|+1 and it costs 0 this round


Ionia champions


Cost: 4
Power: 4 [+1]
Health: 3 [+1]
Abilities: Quick attack. When you stun or recall an enemy, I deal 2 to it
Level up: You stun or recall 6+ units
Level up abilities: When you Stun or Recall an enemy, I strike it


Cost: 3
Power: 3 [+1]
Health: 2 [+1]
Abilities: Quick attack. Attack: Create an attacking Living Shadow with Zed’s stats
Level up: Zed and/or his shadows have struck the enemy Nexus twice
Level up abilities: Attack: Create an attacking Living Shadow with my stats and keywords


Cost: 4
Power: 2 [+1]
Health: 5 [+1]
Abilities: Support: Give supported ally Barrier
Level up: Shen has seen allies gain Barrier 4 times
Level up abilities: Support: Give my supported ally Barrier. When an ally gets Barrier, give it +3|+0 this round


Cost: 5
Power: 4 [+1]
Health: 3 [+1]
Abilities: End of the Round. Create a random spell in hand
Level up: You’re Enlightened
Level up abilities: When you play a spell, cast it again on the same targets


Demacia champions


Cost: 6
Power: 3 [+1]
Health: 4 [+1]
Abilities: Barrier
Level up: I’ve seen you cast 6+ mana of spells in a round. Then create a Fleeting Final Spark
Level up abilities: When I’ve seen you spend 6+ mana on spells, create a Fleeting Final Spark in hand


Cost: 2
Power: 3 [+1]
Health: 2 [+1]
Abilities: Quick attack.
Level up: I’ve seen 4+ allies or Senna, Sentinel of Light die
Level up abilities: The first time an ally dies each round, ready your attack


Cost: 3
Power: 3 [+1]
Health: 3 [+1]
Abilities: Challenger
Level up: Fiora has killed 2 enemies
Level up abilities: When I’ve killed 4 enemies and survived, you win the game


Cost: 5
Power: 5 [+1]
Health: 5 [+1]
Abilities: Regeneration
Level up: I’ve struck twice
Level up abilities: Start of Round: Ready your attack


Freljord champions


Cost: 3
Power: 0
Health: 5 [+2]
Abilities: Challenger. Regeneration
Level up: I’ve survived 10 total damage
Level up abilities: When I survive damage, summon a Mighty Poro


Cost: 4
Power: 5 [+1]
Health: 3 [+1]
Abilities: Attack: Frostbite the strongest enemy
Level up: You Frostbite 5+ enemies. Then create a Crystal Arrow next round
Level up abilities: Attack: Frostbite the Strongest enemy. Enemies with 0 Power can’t block


Cost: 7
Power: 2 [+1]
Health: 4 [+1]
Abilities: Attack: Deal 1 damage to all enemies. Last Breath: Revive Anivia transformed into Eggnivia
Level up: You’re Enlightened
Level up abilities: Attack: Deal 2 to all enemies. Last Breath: Revive me transformed into Eggnivia


Cost: 8
Power: 8 [+1]
Health: 4 [+5]
Abilities: Overwhelm
Level up: If Tryndamere dies, level up instead
Level up abilities: Overwhelm. Fearsome.


Noxus champions


Cost: 6
Power: 6 [+4]
Health: 5
Abilities: Overwhelm
Level up: The enemy Nexus has 10 or less health
Level up abilities: Overwhelm


Cost: 5
Power: 5 [+1]
Health: 5 [+1]
Abilities: Attack: For each other attacking ally, deal 1 to it and 1 to enemy Nexus
Level up: You’ve had 6+ allies survive damage
Level up abilities: Attack: For each other attacking ally, deal 1 to it and 1 to the enemy Nexus


Cost: 3 [+1]
Power: 3 [+1]
Health: 2 [+1]
Abilities: Quick Attack
Level up: Katrina strikes. Then she is Recalled
Level up abilities: Play: Ready our attack. Strike: Recall me


Cost: 3
Power: 3 [+1]
Health: 3 [+1]
Abilities: Quick Attack. Play or Strike: Create a Spinning Axe in hand
Level up: Strike twice with Draven using a Spinning Axe
Level up abilities: Play or Strike: Create 2 Spinning Axe in hand


Shadow Isles champions


Cost: 5
Power: 3 [+1]
Health: 6 [+1]
Abilities: Challenger. When an enemy dies, heal me 1
Level up: I’ve seen 6+ units die
Level up abilities: The first time I attack this game, summon an attacking champion from your deck or hand


Cost: 2
Power: 2 [+1]
Health: 3 [+1]
Abilities: Fearsome. Attack: Summon an attacking Spiderling
Level up: At start of round, you have 3+ Spiders
Level up abilities: Other Spider allies have Challenger and Fearsome


Cost: 3
Power: 4 [+1]
Health: 2 [+1]
Abilities: Play: Kalista bonds with an ally and grants it +2/+0 while bonded
Level up: Kalista sees 3+ allies die
Level up abilities: Play: I bond with an ally. Grant it +2|+0 while we are bonded. Attack: Revive that ally attacking and reforge our bond


Cost: 6
Power: 4 [+1]
Health: 6 [+1]
Abilities: Overwhelm. Attack: Summon 2 attacking Spectral Rider
Level up: You’re attacked with 8+ Ephemeral allies
Level up abilities: Ephemeral allies have +2|+0. Attack: Summon 2 attacking Spectral Rider

There you have it, all the confirmed Legends of Runeterra champions so far. Find out more about how to play Legends of Runeterra and what kinds of other abilities and effects you’ll find on the Legends of Runeterra cards and keywords, as well as a Legends of Runeterra tier list ranking the best and worst champions so far.