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This creative keyboard is a Lego builder’s dream

There is more to the Epomaker Brick 87 than its block bar, including wireless connections, hot-swappable PCB, and high-quality PBT keycaps.

It’s not often that a product stops me dead in my tracks, but the Epomaker Brick 87 is just too hard to ignore. This stunning enthusiast keyboard is already easy on the eye before you factor the stackable Lego block bar running across the top of the board into the equation.

While it won’t be competing as one of the best gaming keyboards, Epomaker caters to enthusiasts incredibly well. This is displayed no better than in the Brick 87, a wireless keyboard built for enthusiasts and Lego fans alike.

Epomaker Brick 87 close up of the brick bar and keycaps

Even at first glance, there is a quality to the presentation of the Brick 87 that just grabs your attention and never lets go. Rather than being a traditional flat keyboard, the top row of keys sits at an angle, displaying the Lego block bar.

There are 84 studs, laid out as two rows with a small section broken up where the USB-C connection sits. Fear not, however, as the Eopmaker Brick 87 is wireless via 2.4GHz or Bluetooth, meaning you won’t always be at the mercy of a wired connection.

Creativity is key here, both on the entirely hot-swappable PCB, and the brick bar where you are only limited by your imagination and access to Lego bricks.

If you’re not a hardcore keyboard enthusiast, Epomaker ensures it’s easy for you to get started with the Brick 87. It’s a complete board and you can choose between four sets of switches and four color designs. My personal favorite is the white/purple one, but the clear black is a close second thanks to its near-transparent keycaps that pop when the RGB lighting is active.

The Epomaker Brick 87 is available to purchase right now for $99 and is only available in an 80% TKL layout. Free shipping is also available to most countries, so don’t think you have to miss out if you’re not based in North America.

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