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Lethal Company update 50 is here and it’s the biggest yet

Lethal Company update 50 is out now on Steam, with a huge set of additions making now the best time to come back to the co-op horror game.

Lethal Company update 50 is here and it's time to come back to the co-op horror game - A person wearing the orange jumpsuit and black helmet from the game.

I love Lethal Company, but it’s been a little while since I teamed up with friends to explore those hostile moons and attempt to hit our scrap quota. That’s about to change, however, as Lethal Company update 50, also known as ‘the hopping update,’ arrives on Steam courtesy of solo developer ‘Zeekerss.’ It might have been a while in the making, but this is looking like the largest Lethal Company we’ve seen, packing in multiple new locations, several dangerous entities to watch out for, and a whole host of balance changes.

“Listen for the old bird’s call.” That’s the message in the short teaser released by Zeekerss for the release of Lethal Company update 50, which features a glimpse of the entity in question – a towering mech suit. It’s one of two new outdoor threats you’ll now encounter in the co-op horror game, with another nightmarish addition to the roster of Lethal Company monsters awaiting you once you get inside.

Three new moons have been introduced – the first, Adamance, is a forest moon that you can visit for free, posing quite a dangerous venture but with good loot if you’re up to the task. The other two are hidden initially, so I won’t give the game away here, but I’m eager to explore them both. Other moons have also been tweaked, with key changes including a complete rework to the exterior of Dine and the scrap count on Titan being adjusted to ensure more consistent rewards.

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“It’s been a long time,” Zeekerss writes, “I hope you’ll forgive me for suggesting in a previous post that Lethal updates would be somewhat regular and predictable – that was a bit naive of me. Sorry, I’m just not working like I have a quota, because that would be ironic.”

Along with the new maps and hazards, there are two new suits to buy, along with a disco ball, and a whole heap of balance changes. The crouch-sprinting trick that previously allowed you to run without making any noise has been fixed, while falling out of bounds no longer teleports you to the facility entrance.

“I know this kind of change might seem antagonistic to speedrunners,” Zeekerss says, “but these made it possible to bypass Lethal Company’s design and mechanics without requiring any more skill or strategy.” Initially, they had also planned to adjust the jetpack for a similar reason, “but I’ve realized it has an irreplaceable purpose as the most wacky gimmick item, so I will respect that.”

Lethal Company update 50 - A giant 'old bird' mech stares down at you, it's wide mouth-like aperture glowing brightly.

Shovels have doubled in weight, making them more of a consideration to bring along rather than an essential part of everyone’s kit. Several enemies see changes – you’ll see more Bunker Spiders now, and they’re faster, while Baboon Hawks are now slightly weaker individually but spawn in pairs, making them harder to deal with. The bell now also makes a loud chime when dropped, alerting enemies in a large radius. You probably don’t want that, although I’m sure there will be ways to use it to your advantage.

Lethal Company update 50 is out now on Steam. Zeekerss says they “want to add more creatures outside and inside” in the next update, with less of a focus on endgame content and plans to increase the variety of interior locations.

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