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Intense Tarkov rival with a horror twist kicks off open beta on Steam

New multiplayer shooter Level Zero Extraction is a blend of tactical FPS and horror game, and you can join the open beta on Steam right now.

Intense tactical FPS with a horror twist kicks off open beta test - A man's worried face in Level Zero Extraction.

Extraction shooters are very hot nowadays, with the mighty Escape From Tarkov facing contenders such as Gray Zone Warfare, Exfil, and Arena Breakout Infinite. But new FPS game Level Zero: Extraction aims to stand out from the pack with an Alien: Isolation infusion of dark, sci-fi horror. Here, it’s not just human opponents you need to watch out for, but deadly, nigh-unkillable, player-controlled alien monsters. If you think you’re up to the challenge, an open beta test has just begun on Steam, so don’t miss your window to try it.

Level Zero: Extraction aims to put a distinct spin on the extraction shooter genre with the addition of the asymmetric element. While the likes of Hunt: Showdown has succeeded in implementing a monster element to alter the dynamic of such intense, tactical FPS games, Level Zero goes a step further. It puts its aliens in the hands of two players and tasks them with hunting the humans from the shadows.

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These aliens can only be killed using light, meaning the human players will have to make strategic use of light sources to stay alive. In some cases you may even decide conflict with other humans isn’t worth it; the enemy of my enemy is my friend, after all. Fortunately, you’ll be able to gear up with all manner of weapons, attachments, and gadgets to help you get to the loot and make it out alive.

The alien players, meanwhile, get access to a range of tools including acid spit, live traps, EMP screams, heartbeat scans, and more. They can even crawl through the vents to move around the map and catch their prey unaware. If you’ve ever fancied being a Xenomorph hunter (or were a fan of the excellent 2010 Aliens vs Predator game), Level Zero looks to deliver on that dream.

Set for a Steam Early Access launch in 2024, developer DogHowl Games has just kicked off its first open beta, following a successful closed test earlier in the year. This public test includes features and updates implemented based on feedback from the previous beta, including balance changes, new combat mechanics, additional progression, and quality-of-life improvements.

Level Zero Extraction open beta test - first-person view looking down a dark, industrial corridor at a figure standing under a light.

The Level Zero: Extraction open beta is live now on Steam, and runs from Sunday June 9 through Sunday June 16. Simply head to the game’s store page to join the beta and jump into the action.

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