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Lian Li just changed PC power supply designs for the better

Lian Li's new Edge power supply design includes an L-shaped section that turns PSU cables 90 degrees, making them ideal for dual chamber cases.

lian li edge power supply l shape

Lian Li has just unveiled the Lian Li Edge power supply, an ingenious new shape of PSU that is designed to be much easier for owners of dual chamber cases to use. The secret to the design is that instead of the main internal power cables connecting to the flat front face of the power supply, they instead plug into a new L-shaped section – the power supply plug porch as I’ve taken to calling it – that turns the sockets 90 degrees to face the outside of your case.

While not a guarantee that this new shape of PSU will immediately be the best power supply choice for owners of any of the best PC cases in the world, it should ensure that users of dual-chamber design such as Lian Li’s own O11D will have a much easier time installing and upgrading their system.

As well as incorporating this clever new plug plinth, the Lian Li Edge concept also includes extra USB headers on what would normally be the area where the other main power supply cables attach.

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The idea with these headers is that you can plug one USB header cable from your motherboard into the power supply then spread that out to four headers from the PSU. This saves on motherboard header usage and means devices such as fan and RGB controllers that tend to be hidden round the back of cases/motherboards will have easy access to several of these headers.

The power supplies will be available in black and white versions with a 1,300W flagship model rated to 80 Plus Platinum efficiency and 1,000W and 850W 80 Plus Gold versions, all of which come with sleeved cables. There will also be an 850W version without sleeved cables.

Lian Li hasn’t detailed release date or pricing for the new PSUs yet but given the detail of the initial announcement – it wasn’t just one demo model – we’d expect the launch to be imminent.

The company was introducing the Lian Li Edge during its Digital Expo announcement on YouTube where the company also unveiled its DK-07 standing desk PC case. This is the latest iteration of its PC-case-in-a-desk design that includes a glass tabletop over the PC into which is also incorporated a transparent LG OLED display.

lian li dk-07 desk

The DK-07 is definitively just a concept at the moment – that OLED panel surely can’t come cheap – but it’s certainly something we’d be intrigued to see put into production.

Until either of these products actually arrives, though, you can find our current PSU and desk recommendations in our best power supply and best gaming desk guides.