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Lies of P mod is literally Bloodborne on PC

If you thought that Lies of P already looked a bit like FromSoftware's cult classic Bloodborne, then this new mod will have you doing a double take.

Lies of P mod is literally Bloodborne on PC: A young boy with curly, short black hair wearing Victorian-style dress stands in front of a Gothic-style gate with blue magic swirling around him

When you first look at Lies of P, you’d be forgiven for making an immediate comparison to FromSoftware’s epic RPG game, Bloodborne. Lies of P‘s Victorian Gothic setting and creepy, lumbering enemies are all reminiscent of FromSoftware’s Soulslike adventure, but one player has gone the extra mile by creating a mod that transforms the titular Pinocchio into Bloodborne’s Hunter. Yes, Bloodborne is (sort of) on PC now.

Yes, you read that right, Lies of P is actually Bloodborne now. Using the game’s new demo, modder ‘Isatris’ (part of Elden Ring mod comminity Garden of Eyes) has switched out the dark-haired, swashbuckling Pinocchio for Bloodborne’s Hunter, complete with the character’s various weapons of war.

You’ll be able to choose a playstyle with the Hunter as you do at the start of the Lies of P demo, focusing on dexterity, strength, or a balance of the two. Depending on your choice, you’ll pick up one of Bloodborne’s different weapons: balance is the Saw Cleaver, dexterity is the Chikage, and strength is Ludwig’s Holy Blade.

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In the trailer above, we see the Hunter tearing their way through the starting sequence of the demo, awakening in a mysterious train car before venturing out into the ruins of Krat station. We see him take on all manner of mechanical terrors, before confronting the Parade Master in front of the Hotel Krat.

I, for one, love this mod. While I’m a little too obsessed with the story of Lies of P, its cool to see these two Victorian worlds collide in a fanfare of blood, cogs, and gore. Once I finally take down the Scrapped Watchman, I’ll absolutely be downloading this mod to take it for a spin – after all, I, like many of you, wanted Bloodborne on PC, and now we basically have it.

If Lies of P has piqued (pun entirely intended) your interest just as it has mine, make sure you check out the Lies of P system requirements to see if you can take the demo out for a spin. Alternatively, we have a list of the best games like Dark Souls if you’re looking for yet another challenge.