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Stellar soulslike Lies of P drops Denuvo, and it’s on sale right now

Lies of P, the Bloodborne style soulslike game that puts you in the shoes of Pinocchio, stops using Denuvo and is now cheap in a Steam sale.

Lies of P removes Denuvo DRM, and it's on sale - A bearded man with one milky white eye, a scar running across it.

There were some fantastic soulslike games on PC in 2023, from direct contenders such as Lords of the Fallen and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty to those adopting Dark Souls ideas in different formats like Blasphemous 2 and Remnant 2. But of those more traditional offerings, the real winner was Lies of P, which rose above its ‘we have Bloodborne at home’ comparisons to stand out as one of the year’s most pleasing surprises. Now, developer Neowiz has removed its Denuvo anti-tamper DRM in its latest update, and is offering the game cheap in a Steam sale, if you’re quick about it.

Lies of P always seemed like a bizarre mash-up of influences. It tells the tale of Pinocchio, reimagined as a handsome young fencer with a penchant for fashion, exploring the bloodlust-swept, dark gothic city of Krat and facing off against giant clockwork monsters, all with a distinct air of FromSoftware RPG Bloodborne. Yet, for all that, it works – and the result is one of the best soulslike games on PC in recent years, even if it can’t quite top Elden Ring.

Following a Lies of P update on Wednesday February 14, users noticed that it appeared to be missing the presence of Denuvo DRM (digital rights management) software, which had been included with the game since its launch. The software was still listed as a requirement to play on the game page, however, suggesting the change might have been accidental. It appears that wasn’t the case, though, as another update on Friday February 16 confirms the removal of “Third-party DRM Denuvo anti-tamper” from the game.

Lies of P removes Denuvo - Update history (via SteamDB) showing the removal of the DRM software.

A third-party protection software designed to limit access to a game’s files and source code, often employed as protection against tampering and cheats, Denuvo is sometimes considered a point of contention among users. If you’re someone who’s been holding off on buying Lies of P because of its presence, it seems your time has now come; and, in even better news, it’s also going cheap thanks to a Steam sale.

Lies of P is 25% off on Steam until Wednesday February 28. That deal extends across the base game, the deluxe edition, and the deluxe upgrade for players who originally bought the base version. Expect to pay $44.99/£37.49 down from $59.99/£49.99 if you’re buying the base edition, or $52.48/£44.99 down from $69.98/£59.99 if you get the deluxe edition.

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