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How long is Lies of P?

As you settle in to explore the Belle Epoque era of France, here’s how long you need to set aside to beat Lies of P from start to finish.

How long is Lies of P: A close up on the face of Pinocchio on the backdrop of a wet, blood-soaked Krat street.

How long is Lies of P? The beautiful soulslike mashes Belle Epoque-era style with the story of Pinocchio, so there’s a lot to unravel, and could lead to a lot of gameplay if you really want to take in all the scenery. With your own robotic arm and a classic sword at your disposal to take down bloodthirsty puppets and dolls, this might not be what you had in mind if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to pull Pinocchio’s strings.

When it comes to the Lies of P release date, you might want to know how long you’re likely to spend roaming the blood-soaked streets of Krat. As a soulslike game inspired by the likes of Bloodborne and other FromSoftware games like Dark Souls, you might not be surprised to know we could be looking at something of a similar length for Lies of P. So here’s the exact Lies of P length – and we promise we’re telling the truth.

Lies of P length: A group of bandits stand around a coffin with the word "Liar" painted on the inside.

How long to beat Lies of P

Depending on how you want to play, game director Choi Ji-Won confirms that it takes a minimum of around 30 hours to complete, increasing to 60 for completionists.

The game director confirms the Lies of P game length in an interview with Prankster101 Productions, stating that the top end of 60 hours is for those wishing to “thoroughly check all of the contents that are hidden in the game.” Prompted by the interviewer, Choi continues, “I decided to go with a longer play-time game because I thought I could target both players who love to enjoy longer play-times as well as shorter play-times.”

If you prefer shorter, linear gameplay, then you can still enjoy Lies of P thanks to its shorter stages. Choi told Prankster101 that, “the player who wants to enjoy the shorter game, they can take it stage by stage. Each stage … will take around 10 hours, and each stage has different characteristics and features. If you take it one stage at a time, as one game, then you’ll enjoy it step by step.”

So that’s how long you need to set aside to complete Lies of P, but we’ll let you decide if you take the shortest or longest route towards one of the multiple Lies of P endings. If you’re not sure whether you’re willing to put that much time into the RPG game, find out whether you can try out Lies of P on Game Pass first.