Lies of P Rare Ergo – should you save or use it?

When you acquire Rare Ergo in Lies of P, it says a treasure hunter may want it, but it's also worth 5,000 standard ergo, so we have advice on what to do.

Lies of P Rare Ergo: The King of Puppets boss.

Should you save or use Rare Ergo in Lies of P? When you first start acquiring Rare Ergo, you’ll notice in the description it says “a treasure hunter may want this Rare Ergo”, but it may also be tempting to use it immediately and earn the +5,000 Ergo to level up a few times.

All of the main Lies of P bosses drop a Rare Ergo, and as explained in our review, there’s plenty of them so you’ll start stacking them up quite quickly which may lead you to think it’s worth consuming them for the Ergo buff. It’s not necessarily the worst call you can make in your Lies of P playthrough, but you should ensure you know exactly what Rare Ergo can also be used for… let us explain.

Lies of P Rare Ergo: Speaking to Alidoro in the hotel.

Lies of P Rare Ergo explained

Rare Ergo in Lies of P is awarded every time you kill a main boss, and you can consume it for 5,000 standard Ergo, or you can trade it to Alidoro the Treasure Hunter for a weapon or amulet. 

Alidoro has one weapon and amulet available for each Rare Ergo you own, so on your first playthrough, you must decide which one to purchase.

You can recruit Alidoro back to Hotel Krat by finding him at the very top of the cathedral, shortly before the Fallen Archbishop Andreus boss fight. Head up in the lift and you can choose where to send him – either the hotel where it’s safe, or the factory, where it is very much not safe. You should definitely pick the hotel because its wares are fantastic.

However, if you decide you do not want either the weapon or the amulet available for any given Rare Ergo, then at that point you are safe to consume it and use the Ergo to level up instead.

In our playthrough, we went for the Holy Sword of the Ark in exchange for the King’s Flame Ergo, and the Nameless One’s Amulet for the Twisted Angel’s Ergo, but we consumed the Broken Hero’s Ergo and the Parade Leader’s Ergo for the additional level ups.

Now you know all about Rare Ergo, make sure you read up on the best Lies of P weapons because some of them are obtained via Alidoro. We also have the best Lies of P amulets covered as well, for those of you who want to elevate your build to the loftiest heights.