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Lies of P bosses - every boss fight in order

All the Lies of P bosses you'll face off against during your time in Krat, including the optional bosses, as well as how to beat the toughest encounters.

Lies of P bosses: A huge robotic policemand with glowing red eyes clings to a building using clawlike hands looking down at something

What are the Lies of P bosses? Lies of P is an immensely difficult soulslike, and there are a lot of bosses to take on in the game. Some bosses are fairly simple to take down once you learn their attack patterns, whereas others can be an enormous pain and cause you a lot of frustration.

That being said, don’t despair – we’ve got plenty of tips and trick to increase your chances of beating the Lies of P bosses. You can summon a specter for every major boss fight, provided you have enough Lies of P Star Fragments. We’ve also got a list of the best Lies of P weapons and the best Lies of P legion arms to give you a leg up when confronting these fearsome foes.

Here are all the Lies of P bosses in order of appearance:

  • Parade Master
  • Mad Donkey
  • Scrapped Watchman
  • Survivor (optional)
  • Puppet of the Future (optional)
  • King’s Flame, Fuoco
  • The Atoned (optional)
  • Fallen Archbishop Andreus
  • Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood
  • White Lady (optional)
  • Mad Clown Puppet (optional)
  • Romeo, King of Puppets
  • Champion Victor
  • Owl Doctor (optional)
  • Green Monster of the Swamp
  • Puppet-Devouring Green Monster
  • Robber Weasel (optional)
  • Walker of Illusions (optional)
  • Corrupted Parade Master
  • Black Rabbit Brotherhood
  • Door Guardian (optional)
  • Black Cat (optional)
  • Laxasia the Complete
  • Red Fox (optional)
  • Simon Manus, Awakened God
  • Nameless Puppet

Lies of P bosses: The Parade Master boss fight.

Parade Master

The Parade Master is essentially the tutorial boss, so you shouldn’t have too much difficulty taking him down. He shows up after you meet the first Wandering Merchant, but his attacks are easily telegraphed. He has a short run and belly flop, a stomp, and a punch. In his second phase, when you decapitate him, he’ll swing his head round on a stick and have some unblockable attacks, but just make sure you dodge out of the way and you’ll be fine.

Rewards: Parade Leader’s Ergo, Quartz

Lies of P bosses: The Mad Donkey boss fight.

Mad Donkey

The Mad Donkey comes at the end of a long bridge, shouting at Geppetto inside a carriage as he believes Pinocchio’s creator is responsible for the puppet uprising. You can run here directly from the Stargazer inside the house on Elysion Boulevard if you unlock the elevator and ignore the two sword-wielding enemies patrolling on the street before the bridge.

This is the first Sweeper you’ll encounter, and the only one that is a mandatory boss fight as an introduction to how they work. He’s very attack minded, so your best bet is to practice your perfect guards and try to get behind him at every possible opportunity. This will open up a fatal attack, which deals severe damage. A few of these and the Mad Donkey will be gone.

Rewards: Mad Donkey’s Hunting Apparel, Mask

Lies of P bosses: The Scrapped Watchman boss fight.

Scrapped Watchman

Not long after the Mad Donkey, you’ll find the Scrapped Watchman in the Krat City Hall Courtyard. This is the first time you can summon a specter and you should have quite a few Star Fragments by this point, so it’s worth it. He’s not a particularly tough fight, just watch out for his unblockable fury attacks, as they take a while to wind up and you don’t want to block too soon if you’re going for a perfect guard.

This boss fight is the perfect example of letting your specter take the aggro too, so you can get behind and unleash one charged attack after another. It’s a method that gradually becomes less reliable in future boss fights, but it helps here.

Rewards: Overcharged Storage Battery, Broken Hero’s Ergo, Core, Quartz, Small Wooden Officer Puppet

Lies of P bosses: The Puppet of the Future boss fight.

Puppet of the Future

The Puppet of the Future is the first optional boss you’ll encounter and boy do you want to ignore him until much later in the game. He’s an enormous fella, strolling up and down a corrosive river in Venigni Works, so even if he was easy to take down, you must do it while stood in corrosive liquid, which will tick away at your health.

We haven’t managed to take down this goliath yet, so we’ll be back to update this when we have some specific tips. We do recommend sprinting past him to the chest at the end though, as that’s how you acquire the Booster Glaive weapon.

Rewards: Radiant Ergo Chunk, Quartz

Lies of P bosses: The King's Flame, Fuoco boss fight.

King’s Flame, Fuoco

This boss, encountered shortly after you find Venigni himself in his factory, is the first one that gave us a bit of trouble. The first half of the fight when you have a specter is usually fine. Wail on him relentlessly, watching out for any sweeping spin attacks, and you’ll eventually enter the second phase when he opens his fiery gut and covers the floor in fire. If you can’t get out of reach, make sure you’re hiding behind one of the enormous red pillars, as the fire won’t touch you here. If it does hit you, you may as well kiss the run goodbye as you’ll be immediately overheated.

The second phase of the fight is similar to the first, except he may unload a lot of fire again, and you’ll probably have lost your specter by this point. Take your time, hiding behind the red pillars as much as possible until he unleashes a fury attack and charges at you, because he’ll be vulnerable for a few seconds afterwards.

Rewards: High-powered Flame Amplifier, King’s Flame Ergo, Flame Grindstone

Lies of P bosses: Speaking to The Atoned before the fight.

The Atoned

Another optional boss, fighting The Atoned depends on your ability to lie. You can lie to The Atoned and avoid this boss fight entirely by acquiring the Stalker’s Promise gesture after defeating Survivor miniboss. Speak to The Atoned and select the ‘Give the Stalker’s Greeting’ dialogue option to receive the Cable Railway Key without a fight.

Conversely, choose the ‘Do nothing’ dialogue option if you’d rather fight The Atoned. This encounter is quite similar to the Mad Donkey, except even more relentless. She’ll often dodge your standard swings, so your best bet is to get behind her and unleash fatal attacks as much as possible. Kill her and you can ascend up the cable car.

Rewards: Cable Railway Key, The Atoned’s Mask

Lies of P bosses: The Fallen Archbishop Andreus boss fight.

Fallen Archbishop Andreus

Andreus is such a difficult fight, we have a dedicated Lies of P Fallen Archbishop Andreus boss guide. If you didn’t struggle against King’s Flame, Fuoco, Andreus will be the one where you start to hit a wall. With that said, he is definitely doable, and also doesn’t shine a light to some of the later bosses, so you’ll need to persevere.

This is a proper two-stage boss fight, with two enormous health bars. Read our full guide for the breakdown, but the TL;DR is that you need to try and keep your specter alive for as long as possible, and fire damage is a huge help here, so retain any Thermite you may have for a run you’re sure will be successful, then lob them from afar.

Rewards: Twisted Angel’s Ergo

Lies of P bosses: The Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood boss fight.

Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood

When you’ve reached the end of the mazy Malum District, you’ll face off against the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, but it’s not just him, as three of his cronies also jump in and out of the fight. While the Eldest is the main boss, the multiple targets (who also constantly switch between aggro on your specter and you) are what make it a pain.

Your best bet is to go on the defensive. Try and keep as much aggro on yourself as possible, so your specter can stay alive, and when your specter is taking a beating, get as many fatal attacks from behind in as possible. Focus on the weaker foes too, otherwise they can quickly swamp you if they’re not dealt with.

Rewards: Resplendent Ergo Chunk, Taunt gesture

Now that you know how to take on all of the toughest Lies of P bosses, be sure to perform a Lies of P respec to refine your build if necessary. Thankfully, many boss encounter drop Lies of P quartz, which you can use to upgrade your P-Organs for an easier time. We’ve also got details on the best Lies of P amulets, along with whether you should use your Lies of P rare ergo or hang onto it.