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Best Lies of P amulets

The best amulets in Lies of P are a crucial part of your build, whether you opt for a simple buff or one of the more complex ones.

Best Lies of P amulets: The Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood boss.

What are the best Lies of P amulets? There are a few different types of armor you can equip in Lies of P, and while amulets aren’t strictly armor, they are an essential part of building your Pinocchio. There are plenty of different ones you can acquire, so it’s tricky to know which ones are the best.

We’ve covered the best Lies of P weapons and the best Lies of P legion arms, so all that’s left is to identify the best amulets. You’ll want to weigh up – if you’ll pardon the pun – how heavy each of them is, as you don’t want to exceed your capacity and be unable to dodge effectively. It’s worth noting that you should absolutely go for the ‘Add Amulet Slots’ P-Organ choices when you unlock them in Lies of P too. Here’s what you need to know.

These are the best amulets in Lies of P:

  • Life Amulet
  • Carrier’s Amulet
  • Dancing One’s Amulet
  • Nameless One’s Amulet

Best Lies of P amulets: The stats for the Life Amulet.

Life Amulet

  • Amulet effect: Increases max HP
  • Weight: 1.3
  • How to get: In a chest on the rooftop before the Stargazer inside the house on Elysion Boulevard

The Life Amulet may have a simple effect, but Lies of P is a seriously tough game. Some of the bosses – we’re looking at you, King of Puppets and Laxasia – are as difficult to beat, if not more so, than anything FromSoftware has cooked up. As a result, increasing your max HP with such a small cost to your weight is a no-brainer, especially in the early game when you’re still getting used to the mechanics.

Best Lies of P amulets: The stats for the Carrier's Amulet.

Carrier’s Amulet

  • Amulet effect: Increases Weight Limit
  • Weight: 3.3
  • How to get: In the mine after Venigni Works, kill the mechanical fire miniboss

Another simple amulet, the Carrier’s Amulet is a huge help if you’re carefully toeling the line with your capacity. It’s a pain when you want to equip a new weapon but it will tip the balance to ‘slightly heavy’ or ‘heavy’, making you get rid of something else you have equipped, such as a piece of armor. The Carrier’s Amulet can alleviate that, by increasing your weight capacity. I’m not sure if the amount it increases by differs depending on your build, but for me, it increases by 12.8.

Best Lies of P amulets: The stats for the Dancing One's Amulet.

Dancing One’s Amulet

  • Amulet effect: Enables dodging even with low Stamina
  • Weight: 19.6
  • How to get: Buy from Alidoro with the Parade Leader’s Ergo

The Parade Leader is the first boss you’ll take down, so you’ll certainly be able to acquire this amulet without any issues. It’s best suited to anyone who picked the Path of the Bastard at the start of the game, which is to say anyone who favors dodging over guarding. It’s pretty heavy, coming in at 19.6, but if you keep the rest of your build light, you can dodge far more frequently.

Best Lies of P amulets: The stats for the Nameless One's Amulet.

Nameless One’s Amulet

  • Amulet effect: Has a chance of none being consumed when using Pulse Cells
  • Weight: 10.7
  • How to get: Buy from Alidoro with the Twisted Angel’s Ergo

This one is excellent if you’re struggling against any specific bosses, much like the Life Amulet. It’s much heavier, but it essentially means if you heal with the Pulse Cell, there is a chance you do not consume the cell, giving you a heal for free. Through my testing, it appears to have a 20-25% rate of not consuming a Pulse Cell, which isn’t bad going.

All Lies of P amulets

Here are all of the available amulets in Lies of P:

  • Life Amulet
  • Carrier’s Amulet
  • Puppet Destroyer’s Amulet
  • Dancing One’s Amulet
  • Extreme Modification Amulet
  • Conquering Amulet
  • Nameless One’s Amulet

Now you know all about the best amulets in Lies of P, read up on all of the Lies of P bosses so you know who’s coming next, along with how to farm Lies of P Star Fragments so you can summon as many specters as you need.