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Is Life by You on Game Pass?

As the upcoming Sims-challenger is set to take the life game world by storm, you might want to know whether Life by You is on Game Pass.

Is Life by You on Game Pass: A Life by You character with blonde dyed locs looks at another character off screen.

Is Life by You on Game Pass? The Sims has had global success for decades and is one of the best-selling game series of all time. Naturally then, many have tried since to replicate the life game and its success. One that looks like it could come close to doing so is Life by You, an upcoming sim with a more realistic, lifelike aesthetic.

As we eagerly await the Life by You release date, you might be wondering what your options are for getting your hands on the simulation game. Since we know that Life by You is only going to be available on PC at launch your choices are already limited, but what does this mean for Life by You on Game Pass?

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Is Life by You on Game Pass?

Life by You won’t be available on Game Pass at launch since the Sims-like game is only releasing to PC via Steam and Epic Games. That said, this doesn’t rule out the possibility that it could come to Game Pass in the future.

Paradox Interactive has an existing relationship with Microsoft, and many of their previous games have ended up on Game Pass or even launched on the subscription platform on day one. Some recent examples include The Lamplighters League, Cities Skylines 2, and Stellaris. That said, all of these games were also released on consoles.

We might expect Life by You to come to Xbox Game Pass if and when the life sim is released to console, but in the meantime, we wouldn’t encourage your to hold your breath. We’ll of course update you if we find out any news to the contrary.

Just because Life by You might not be coming to Game Pass doesn’t mean you can’t start looking forward to the upcoming game right now, prepare for the release date by making sure you meet the Life by You system requirements on your PC. If the anticipation is too much, check out some other games like The Sims in the interim.