Life is Strange: True Colors is getting review-bombed thanks to a flag

The latest Life is Strange game features a Tibetan flag, which has upset some people.

Life is Strange: True Colors is out now on PC, and while many players are enjoying it the latest game in the Life is Strange series is currently getting review-bombed on Steam – seemingly to do with the inclusion of a Tibetan flag in Haven Springs.

Life is Strange: True Colors was revealed earlier this year along with its setting – the small seemingly-idyllic mountain town Haven Springs. One of the stores on the town’s main street is called Treasures of Tibet, which player character Alex Chen passes shortly after starting the game. Flying prominently outside the store is the Tibetan flag, and it’s causing a few problems for the game.

Currently, Life is Strange: True Colors is being review-bombed on Steam by Chinese-speaking players upset at the inclusion of the Tibetan flag – which is the symbol of the Tibetan independence movement and is banned in mainland China. While Steam still marks True Colors as having ‘Very Positive’ reviews, a significant proportion of the game’s reviews are negative and from Chinese speakers.

While there’s no news on whether Square Enix or developer Deck Nine will respond to this criticism, this isn’t the first time that Steam users have review-bombed a game over apparent Chinese issues. Warframe received negative reviews over the separation of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan into separate countries in the options menu, and horror game Devotion still isn’t available on either Steam or GOG.

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This issue aside, Life is Strange: True Colors remains an excellent and worthwhile new entry in the series – and it’ll actually be getting a DLC expansion a few weeks from now in a prequel story.