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Grab a colorful Astro gaming headset right now in limited time deal

The Astro A10 Gen 2 gaming headset is avaialble in four different colors, all of which are in varying limited time deals on Amazon.

Logitech Astro A10 deal

We’re always on the hunt for great gaming headset deals, and we’ve found a brilliant one today via Amazon. The Astro A10 wired gaming headset, available in a range of vibrant colors, is available for as little as $41.99 in a limited-time offer.

Astro, now owned by Logitech, is known for its headset prowess, and its most recent release, the Astro A50 X, features as one of our picks for the best gaming headset. With the A10, Astro is appealing to an entirely different customer, one who isn’t looking to spend hundreds of dollars but still wants a decent all-round experience.

The limited-time deal sees the Astro A10 drop to $41.99 on the lilac and mint models, while the grey has dropped to $49.99, and the black is down to $44.99. They all have an MSRP of $59.99, meaning the savings range from 17-30%.

Quite often the first feature to go when looking for a budget headset is the wireless capability, and that’s far from a dealbreaker. As convenient as wireless is, the reduced risk of latency issues or having to worry about keeping the battery charged is a relief. Not to mention, the 3.5mm jack connection means you can use the Astro A10 is compatible with platforms outside of your PC, be it consoles, the Steam Deck, or even some cell phones, so it can get the job done no matter where you play your games.

The audio drivers are custom-tuned 32mn, made specifically for the A10, and the integrated boom mic offers flip-to-mute capability. Audio and mic controls are taken off the headset and placed on the wired connection, which some people may find more convenient as you’re not blindly fumbling around your earcups to find the right button.

If the default earcups and headrest ever wear, or you fancy changing the overall style of the Astro A10, they’re completely interchangeable. Finally, the A10 is built to last with a flexible material allowing for an ultra-flexible headband.

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