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Grab the Astro A30 Mandalorian headset for $100 off in holiday sale

Logitech recently aquired the Astro brand, opening up the possibilities for Star Wars merch and The Mandalorian A30s make a great gift.

An image of the Astro A30 Mandalorian edition

Are you a fan of The Mandalorian and quality gaming audio? Well, these special edition Astro A30’s are the perfect product for you, or a Star Wars fanatic loved one this holiday season.

Astro is known for being a premium gaming audio brand, along with Logitech it produces some of the best gaming headsets on the market, albeit usually at a high price. But in this year’s holiday sales, a special edition Astro A30 headset with The Mandalorian branding has crashed in price by $100, taking it down to $149.99.

What separates the Logitech and Astro’s Star Wars collection from other collaborations is the sheer quality of detail that goes into each design, just like with the Millenium Falcon mouse. Rather than throwing some iconography onto the earcups, Astro is going all out with the fan service on these A30s.

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There are still the customary ear tags, but these are one of a kind and feature the profile of Din Djarin. Underneath these is authentic Mandalorian scripture. Within each earcup is also more Mandalorian signage and the whole headset is presented in a stunning Beskar Steel colorway.

Included with The Mandalorian Astro A30s is a hard shell carry case to ensure you can protect your prized possession just like Din protects Grogu. Speaking of Grogu, its outline is emblazoned on the wireless adaptor as a cute little easter egg.

Going beyond the visual quality, you have the expected level of audio output from an Astro and Logitech partnership thanks to 40mm drivers. Logitech’s 2.4GHz LIGHTSPEED wireless and Bluetooth are packed in alongside a standard 3.5mm jack connection, making this headset simple to use with any platform.

The Astro A30s boasts up to 27 hours of battery life, so you should never be caught short while gaming or on the move. It also contains both a built-in and detachable boom mic for multiple communication options.

If you’re keen to see what else Astro is cooking up, it recently revealed the incredible A50X headset with a brand new bit of tech that might just change the market.