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Lords of the Fallen beacons walkthrough

Use our Lords of the Fallen map guide to help you locate where the routes are to each of the five beacons and cleanse them of evil once and for all.

A lampbearer is about to cleanse one of the evil red Lords of the Fallen beacons found at the top of a tower.

Where are the Lords of the Fallen beacons? Your main task in Lords of the Fallen is to find the five different beacons and thwart the plans of the evil Adyr, a demon god who once again plagues the land with his corruption. However, upon being told this, you’re given a somewhat unhelpful map, and as the game progresses, these maps get vaguer and vaguer.

The simple fact is that while Lords of the Fallen is meant to be a hard game to play, it’s an even harder RPG game to navigate your way around. If you somehow miss a ladder, you’ll likely go down a completely different route and suddenly find you don’t know where to go next. While we will point you in the right direction of the Lords of the Fallen beacons, this guide won’t tackle any of the Lords of the Fallen bosses, as there are so many that it’s a separate guide.

A map showing all the Lords of the Fallen beacons to cleanse in Mournstead.

How to find the Lords of the Fallen beacons

There are five Lords of the Fallen beacons to cleanse; each one can be seen by looking up at the sky. You’re given a map by the cleric in the Skyrest hub area, but any of the other maps you’re given are merely hastily scribbled drawings on parchment. So, instead of running around aimlessly, here are all five areas that contain the beacons and how to get to them.

One of the Lords of Fallen beacons is in the Forsaken Fen, nestled within the giant tree in the middle of a swamp.

Beacon #1 – Forsaken Fen

The first major beacon you’ll likely encounter is in the Forsaken Fen. This is the area of the beacon map where light is coming from the tree. To get here, follow the path across the Skyrest Bridge area. Take a right into the church and follow the path, defeating the Scourged Sister Delyth along the way, and you should reach the Pilgrim’s Perch. At this point, you have a rather perilous climb upward, making sure not to fall off any ledges or miss jumps. The next main waypoint is just beyond the cave, where a spiky-head enemy bursts through the entrance.

From the Vestige of Blind Agatha, instead of going through the Pilgrim’s Key door to your left, head to the right and make your way outside. Jump across the gaps and follow the path downward until you see an Umbral Gate with two seals protected by two spiky-headed enemies and a Radiant mage protected by an Umbral Parasite. After unlocking this doorway, head inside and downward, ensuring you nab the elevator shortcut back to the Vestige. The path at this point should be relatively straightforward as you descend into the Forsaken Fen via the Gentle Gaverus, Mistress of Hounds boss.

Make your way through The Congregrator of Flesh boss, and you’ll soon emerge inside a swamp. There are two Vestiges to find here, but once you get to the Shuja Hamlet Vestige – the Vestige of the Pale Butcher – you’ll be at the closest warp point to the first major beacon.

Go along the left path from the Vestige and follow it until you see a cave. Turn left and go up the ladder, zigzagging your way down the subsequent path above the suspended village, hugging the right where possible. This will lead you to the first of two big fires. From here, turn to the left and descend the ladder. Use your Umbral Lamp to cross the swamp ahead and continue to the second fire. Cross to the other side and walk along the bridge, being careful not to pick up the baited item along the way. This leads you to a patch of flowers where you can plant a Vestige Seed if you so wish before defeating The Hushed Saint in the center of the arena. Once you beat it, the beacon is inside the giant tree ahead of you.

One of the Lords of the Fallen beacons is in a chapel-like building. The lampbearer is just in shot, but on the ground.

Beacon #2 – Upper Calrath

From the Vestige of Pale Butcher in the Shuja Hamlet, head into the cave on the path to the left to discover Fitzroy’s Gorge. There’s a path to the left that takes you back to the Skyrest hub area, but the path to the right takes you toward Calrath. Keep going through this perilous area and cross the bridge after beating the Ruiner boss fight on it. Go down the hill and through the castle gate, hugging the left wall to not trigger the optional boss fight against The Lightreaper, and head through the gate to your immediate right. Descend the hill, taking the first right, then head toward the tower and climb up it. At the top, it’s just a short walk until you reach Lower Calrath.

From here, it’s a relatively linear path through the burning husk of Calrath, defeating both the Infernal Enchantress and the Spurned Progeny bosses along the way and deep into the dark caverns of the Sunless Skein Mines. Continue down until you reach the Vestige of Catrin. The path sort of splits here, but the general direction you should go is upward. Out and to the left, dodging the skeleton knight, dogs, and snake archer’s fire arrows. Unlock the shortcut ahead by going up and around, then continue onward until you reach a fork in the path. Turn left and dodge the dog and the arrows from the snake archer before ascending the stairs to fight the Skinstealer. Once this boss is defeated, head up the elevator to reach the Vestige of the Forgotten Guardian.

This Vestige in Upper Calrath is the closest to the beacon. To get to the beacon from here, follow the path until it opens into a massive courtyard. There’s, thankfully, no boss here, but there are many dogs and a Ruiner. Dodge past them and go through the door they came in. Instead of going to the right, there’s a passage hidden to the left as you ascend the stairs. Be careful of the explosive zombies and the pyromancer that guard the staircase. Once you reach the top, you’ll see the beacon ahead.

One of the Lords of the Fallen beacons is at the top of the tower, bursting from an iron maiden. A statue is facing the beacon.

Beacon #3 – Tower of Penance

To access this route, you need to have the Pilgrim’s Key. This is bought from one of Stomunt early in the game in Skyrest for 9,500 souls. Several doors require this key to open, but the door you want is next to the Vestige of Blind Agatha in Pilgrim’s Perch, which leads to the next beacon. Head up as far upward as you can, turning left to fight against the boss fight against The Sacred Resonance of Tenacity. From here, it’s a relatively straightforward ascent through the Hallowed Brothers Leprosarium and its Vestige, all the way to the cathedral and through its windy Umbral puzzles until you find Abbot Vernoff’s key.

Head through the door at the other side of the main cathedral chamber, then hang a left to approach the bridge leading to the Tower of Penance. You’ll fight a boss against Blessed Carrion Knight Sanisho, who emits poisonous clouds as a boss as you cross. After this fight, we highly recommend planting a Vestige Seed. After this, we recommend you backtrack slightly and take the right passage under the fallen tree, past Stomund, and up the ramp to the left. You’ll have to beat a relatively simple boss against Abbess Ursula along the way, but once you do, climb the stairs, and you’ll get to the Vestige of Rosamund. You’ll need this later.

Head back to the Umbral Seedling and take the elevator on the left side of the tower. Once inside this immensely tall structure, you’ll need to cautiously make your way down, being careful not to slip. As soon as you get to the ground level, open the main door to unlock a shortcut, then head back inside and keep venturing downward until you reach a tunnel. Place another Vestige Seed in the cave before opening the door to face Tancred, Master of Castigations. Defeating both his phases will give you a key that leads to the elevator. Pull the up lever on this elevator twice to ride it to the top and cleanse the beacon.

The lampbearer is standing at the edge of some broken steps, looking at a beacon inside a church. A field with a boss stands in his way.

Beacon #4 – Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters

Hopefully, you heeded our advice to grab the Vestige of Rosamund. If you didn’t, head back down the Tower of Penance, use the Tancred Key in the door on the ground floor, and make your way outside and across the bridge. Turn right, and you’ll find the path you seek. Head up the hill to the left as you see the archer and the dog, and you’ll find the Abbess Ursula boss fight. Defeat her to find the Vestige.

From here, venture through the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters and make your way up into the Abbey. There’s an optional boss fight against the Rapturous Huntress of the Dusk in the main chamber if you interact with the corrupted item ahead. Ascend the stairs to the very top, being careful of the archer and her dogs. You can turn left at the end of the path to go down and activate a gate for a shortcut, but otherwise, keep going up the hill until you see an elevator. This leads you to the Vestige of Iorelo the Cursed Knight.

From here, go up the stairs until you find a husk of a tower to the left. Go inside and enter the Umbral if you’re not in it already. Go up the revealed slope, and you’ll find an Umbral Wall blocks the passage ahead. Go to the left to find a Bug Wither. Kill it and all its wither hatchlings before attempting to Soulflay the bridge above. Climb up the ladder and cross the bridge as far as it’ll go in order to Soulflay the target to unblock the Umbral Wall. Head back and through, avoiding the sentinels around you, and go down the right side of the wall to find a chest with the Empyrean Chruch Key. This unlocks the big gate below you, so head back the way you came and open the huge doors next to the Abbess enemy. From there, it’s a short sprint to the next guardian boss. Defeat both phases of the Judge Cleric, The Radiant Sentinel boss fight, and you’ll have free reign to cleanse the fourth beacon.

The lampbearer is walking across a castle wall, looking at one of the Lords of the Fallen beacons at the top of the tower ahead of him.

Beacon #5 – Fief of the Chill Curse

From the Windmill Vestige, there is a door you can open, provided you get the Windmill key somewhere along the way between the first and second beacons. Inside, you come across Kinrangr Guardian Folard and his wolves, so beat them while nabbing the Antediluvian Chisel from the Umbral item extraction point at the end of the boss arena. Not too much further on is the Vestige of Svornil.

Continue on, and you should have a relatively straightforward path around the valley until you loop around back toward the Vestige of Svornil. In the Umbral, there are some Soulflay targets to allow you to cross the gap. At the top of the gate near the Vestige, there is a ladder that you can knock down and a lever that opens the gate. Use it and head through to the center of the valley. The path ahead has a few minor shortcuts, but it all leads to the next beacon eventually. When you reach the Vestige of Loash, this is where you fight the guardian boss – the Hollow Crow. Beat it and cross the castle wall to the tower containing the beacon.

Those are all the Lords of the Fallen beacon locations, and once they’re all cleansed, the endgame truly begins. Do check out our Lords of the Fallen review for our thoughts on the game. If you’re just starting out, you probably want to know what the best Lords of the Fallen classes are so you can begin the game with the spells and equipment you want. We also have a selection of the best Lords of the Fallen weapons if you want to make the best Lords of the Fallen builds defeat the bosses guarding the beacons quickly.