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New Lords of the Fallen quest embraces fan favorite NPC and activity

A new Lords of the Fallen bucket questline is here as part of the soulslike's ongoing free updates, with fixes and more just added too.

Lords of the Fallen bucket quest: a man in black armor readying a bow and arrow

In what I think is a brilliant community-driven move, Hexworks is today releasing a Lords of the Fallen bucket-themed questline as part of its free post-launch roadmap. The quest taps into one of the ways the players have taken off with a small part of the game, similarly to many of the NPCs and weapons in FromSoftware’s Dark Souls. There’s even a LOTF sale starting soon as part of Black Friday, so if you’re here after being interested in the game, now’s the time to jump in.

I’ve already made it clear that the free Lords of the Fallen roadmap, and continued support, could see the Hexworks soulslike game become truly one of the best in the burgeoning genre. Now, one of the biggest community surprises is getting a new official questline in Lords of the Fallen, and it involves wooden buckets.

While I became infatuated with the Lords of the Fallen bucket weapon, the description of this brand-new The Way of the Bucket questline appears to detail something a little different. Hexworks says it “includes a new quest featuring the eponymous community favorite NPC, a new corresponding weapon and armor set, six new spells, and a bucket load of performance, stability, and optimization enhancements.”

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For my money, there’s only one NPC that has anything to do with buckets: Drustan. Without spoiling too much about his base game appearance, at one point he’s wearing a helmet that looks like a bucket. I may very well be missing something here, but either way, the relationship between Lords of the Fallen and buckets is a strong one, so it’s nice to see Hexworks lean into that.

Lords of the Fallen’s Way of the Bucket quest is out today, Tuesday, November 21.

“Thank you to our dedicated community for your ongoing passion and support while we deliver our packed post-launch content roadmap. Your incredibly positive response to its recent reveal is extremely motivating,” Hexworks executive producer Saul Gascon says. “Alongside the significant progress already made to performance and stability, we’re confident the latest difficulty balancing updates truly nail the sweet spot between challenge and enjoyability.”

Lords of the Fallen bucket quest: all of the currently released LOTF patches and changes

Hexworks has also released the above infographic detailing all the changes that have already been added to the game with things like reduced enemy density, reduced enemy range accuracy, better enemy aggro, and a lot of planned New Game Plus improvements too.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my original Lords of the Fallen review could very well improve if Hexworks keeps up what it’s doing. A slew of balance changes that listen to community feedback and directly improve the game, on top of lots of free content, is a surefire way to get a better score, and more importantly, have a long life in the soulslike space.

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