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Lords of the Fallen multiplayer, co-op, and PvP explained

Here, we’ve got all the details on how to play Lords of the Fallen with friends, but also how to fight against others if that’s more your style.

Does Lords of the Fallen have multiplayer? The 2023 Lords of the Fallen brings back the Soulslike RPG for a new reboot just shy of a decade on from the original game. While the original game has legions of fans, one of the biggest complaints was the lack of multiplayer, so naturally, the first question everyone wants to know about the reboot is whether there is LotF co-op.

Defeating tough bosses and exploring the vast world of an RPG game is made so much easier when you can take someone along with you, so no wonder it’s a hugely requested feature in games like Dark Souls. Now that Lords of the Fallen is back in 2023, can we experience a co-op adventure with our favorite explorer friends? You can find out more about what it’s like in our Lords of the Fallen review, but if you want the essentials, here’s what we know about multiplayer ahead of the Lords of the Fallen release date, including both co-op and PvP.

The lampbearer is standing next to a Vestige in order to set up Lords of the Fallen multiplayer.

How to set up Lords of the Fallen co-op multiplayer

To play Lords of the Fallen multiplayer in co-op, go to a Vestige or a planted Vestige Seed and select the multiplayer option. From there, you’ll have several choices related to co-op multiplayer. Beckon lampbearer will send out a request for another player to join you. Accompany lampbearer lets you join those who have sent a Beckon lampbearer request, and Beckon Friend allows you to invite your Steam friends.

There are a few things to note here. Firstly, if you join another friend, your character is temporarily rebalanced to be at a similar level to that of your host. This is so that you can’t just overpower the enemies around you. While the host obeys the same two-lives system throughout, you only get one. However, at the time of recording, you can also be revived an infinite number of times, and you receive all your healing items back when you get up.

For every boss you help another player defeat, you also get Pilfered Coins to spend on upgrades at the Shrine of Orius. This shrine is in Skyrest in the lower dungeons, close to where the two knights are when you first meet them or where the pettable dog slumbers. You can either donate Pilfered Coins to increase the progress bar to the next tier level or buy items with your hard-earned gains.

Here are all the items you can spend Pilfered Coins on:

Item Pilfered Coins cost Tier
Castigated Tinct 100 1
Paragon Tinct 100 1
Familiar Tinct 100 1
Venator Tinct 100 1
Mirror of Protection 25 1

If you’re having trouble encouraging your mates to come and help you, it might be worth checking if Lords of the Fallen is on Game Pass at the moment.

The Shrine of the Putrid Mother is one of the shrines you can redeem by indirectly participating in Lords of the Fallen multiplayer.

Avenging fallen lampbearers

Occasionally, you’ll see red lamps as you travel through Mournstead. Upon using the Umbral Lamp’s soul flay ability, red butterflies will lead you to a specific monster, which will be covered in a red aura. This is a supped-up version of the same monster, but upon its defeat, you’ll avenge the fallen lampbearer and get some Plucked Eyeballs for your trouble.

You can spend these Plucked Eyeballs at the Shrine of the Putrid Mother, which is in Skyrest next to Molhu, and you can either donate Plucked Eyeballs to increase the tier-level progress bar or buy items. Here are the available items:

Item Plucked Eyeballs cost Tier
Ashen Tinct 100 1
Contempt Tinct 100 1
Bonelord Tinct 100 1
Starved Tinct 100 1
Eye of Vengeance 15 1
Umbral Scouring N/A 1

The lampbearer has invaded the world of a separate lampbearer with the aim to complete the Crimson Ritual, which is Lords of the Fallen multiplayer for PVP.

How to play Lords of the Fallen PvP

From the same menu in the multiplayer options, you can instead select the option to ‘Slaughter lampbearer’. This will put you in a 1v1 situation where you must defeat the other player to win. The victor will receive a handful of Severed Hands, which can then be redeemed at the Shrine of Adyr in Fitzroy’s Gorge, near the Vestige of the Betrayed Eilard.

Here, in addition to spending Severed Hands to increase the tier ranks, you can redeem them for the following items:

Item Severed Hands cost Tier
Blood Duke Tinct 50 1
Butcher Tinct 25 1
Charred Finger 10 1
Commander Tinct 50 1
Knight of Adyr Gauntlets 250 1
Knight of Adyr Trousers 200 1
Warlord Tinct 25 1

With that, go and have fun exploring Axiom and Umbral with a pal with Lords of the Fallen co-op… well, as close to fun as you can have in the Land of the Dead. At least having someone with you should make fights against the Lords of the Fallen bosses a little easier. We recommend you and your friend pick some different Lords of the Fallen classes and wield their best Lords of the Fallen weapons when you can to both make the very best Lords of the Fallen builds for your play style. Something else that will make your experience easier is meeting the Lords of the Fallen system requirements before time.