Lost Ark patch notes don’t solve disconnect error, no fixes announced

The Lost Ark patch notes have failed to address an annoying disconnect error that has been plaguing Smilegate's MMO, and no further fixes appear to be planned

Lost Ark patch notes don't solve disconnect error, no fixes announced: A pale woman with black hair and a mask crosses her arms holding two huge black pointed daggers wearing black armour on a black and grey background

Following the latest bout of Lost Ark patch notes, players were hoping that a bug causing random disconnections in the MMORPG had been fixed, however the nasty little glitch remains resilient to Smilegate’s efforts to squash it.

With the introduction of the new Lost Ark Reaper class to the ever-expanding world of Arkesia, her grand entrance appears to have been marred by a plethora of irritating bugs.

On November 9 players started to report an issue with random disconnects following a period of maintenance, which community manager ‘Roxx’ then stated has been escalated and was being looked into. Come November 16 players believed that a fix would be implemented as part of the new update, but it appears that the bug remains persistent.

An angry thread on the Lost Ark forums reads “patch doesn’t mean squat if you haven’t resolved the disconnect issues. Nice patch but I’ll hold my breath since I haven’t been able to play since Friday without disconnect every two minutes. Amazon Game Studios really doesn’t know what it’s doing. You’d think this would be a priority but no.”

“The patch notes are really good but yeah I’m disappointed that they don’t even mention this issue,” echoes another, with a final comment reading “not only did we have disconnects in our group last night, but this morning as well. Along with the duplicate login message thing that shuts the game off. Annoying as hell.”

This prompted yet another response from Roxx, who writes “hey there, we’ll be monitoring the disconnect issue following the update. Please keep us posted and let us know if you continue to see the problem tomorrow.”

Players, however, remain unimpressed. “Is this to say the team has figured out what the issue was and are using this patch to try to fix it? Or was there no resolution, so this is more a shot in the dark at the issue being resolved?” asks one. “We haven’t done anything, but we’re hoping the spaghetti code in the last patch will fix itself in the next patch,” writes another.

While Smilegate was quick to act on recent bout of maintenance that gave players some rewards by accident, the disconnection issue seems far more important than a relatively small reward yet has not been subject to an urgent fix. For many, this speaks to Amazon’s priorities and has left them with a lingering feeling of punishment. As you can imagine, that’s hardly good for the game.

Hopefully a fix rolls out soon, but if you’re lucky enough to get into the action RPG game then be sure to check out our rundown of all of the Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds locations and rewards. You can also get up to speed with all things violent using our Lost Ark PvP guide – just make sure your servers are stable before you enter the arena.