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Lost Ark servers down for maintenance again to fix fresh event exploit

Smilegate has taken the Lost Ark servers down for maintenance again, this time to address an Auction House bug and excessive rewards from an event in the ARPG

Lost Ark server status - a pale woman with pointed ears in an ornate black and purple outfit complete with spiked helmet

In what has been a recurring trend lately, the Lost Ark servers are down for emergency maintenance once again as Smilegate seeks to resolve two issues with hotfixes for the RPG game. The Lost Ark server status has been in constant flux for the past few days, with several bouts of maintenance as updates designed to fix certain issues seemingly introduce other problems. The prior update addressed a Lost Ark Pheons exploit, leaving some players who had taken advantage of the glitch with a negative currency balance in the fantasy game that is seemingly causing further trouble.

Lost Ark community manager Roxx says that the servers are down for an emergency hotfix to address two separate issues. The first of these is that players with negative Pheons following the recent update are unable to use the in-game Auction House, which they say is not intentional. The second is a newly discovered exploit causing the ongoing Hyper Express Event to grant “an excessive and unintended amount of epic engraving recipe all-in-one chests.”

This Lost Ark server maintenance starts on November 17 at 12am PT / 3am ET / 8am GMT / 9am CET. As of the time of writing, community manager Sandovall reports that the maintenance period is complete and servers should be back online. Roxx says that, following this maintenance, “players with negative Pheons will be able to purchase items from the Auction House as usual.”

The epic engraving recipe all-in-one chests have been adjusted to the intended quantity of 40 recipes, but the recipes themselves will be unavailable for use until the next server downtime, during which any unopened chests in players’ inventories as a result of the issue will be reclaimed, although Roxx notes that “progress made from used Engraving recipes and recipes from open chests will not be removed.”

Some users remark that certain players who were able to take advantage of the event while it was initially active have received as many as 800 epic engraving books – estimated at 20k – 40k gold in total value. It’s certainly a frustrating time for players, whether they were directly affected by these issues or they simply wanted to play a game that keeps going offline to resolve issues, only to spark new ones. Hopefully this update is the last in the chain for now, and players can get back to their gear grind.

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