New Lost Ark update fixes PvP issues, updates Battle Item Bundle

A new update for the popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game Lost Ark has fixed some PvP issues while updating the Battle Item Bundle

Lost Ark players challenge two raid bosses on a field after a weekly update

A new Lost Ark update is now live after some server downtime this morning. It’s just a minor one this week, with a few slight updates and bug fixes. First and foremost, it addresses an issue where players in the Competitive Proving Grounds were starting at Bronze Rank (1,250 MMR) instead of the intended Silver Rank (1,500 MMR).

Those players who had already begun their seasonal progress in Competitive Proving Grounds will see their MMR adjusted upwards by 250 to compensate, while anyone just starting out after the update should already begin at the correct 1,500 MMR ranking. In addition to this, the weekly Battle Item Bundle has been adjusted slightly, allowing players to select their preferred battle item chests from a list rather than receiving a randomly-selected one upon opening them.

Other bug fixes include an issue causing the overtime timer to appear during PvP matches and an issue allowing chat text to be “unsuitably altered or displayed outside of the chat box.” The team also states that they are aware that server time is being displayed incorrectly in certain European regions observing DST, but doesn’t say when this is likely to be resolved.

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