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Lost Ark introduces new “independent” servers for returning players

Smilegate has just revealed its upcoming implementation of Jump-Start servers in Lost Ark, aiming to create an easier entry point for returning players.

Lost Ark jump-start servers: A tall, humanoid creature walks surrounded by pixies through a purple crystal desert

Lost Ark is an aesthetically pleasing MMORPG with plenty of fast-paced fun to go around. Smilegate regularly updates its online experience, adding everything from classes to servers. In the developer’s latest news post, Smilegate describes how a new server system is coming to Lost Ark. Dubbed ‘Jump-Start’ servers, the new hosts are set to make returning players’ lives easier by providing them an independent space in which they learn the game’s ropes.

The team introduces Jump-Start servers, describing it as “a system we hope will provide a fresh beginning for new or returning players who are interested in giving Lost Ark another try.” Smilegate explains how the servers can help returning players “experience the many unique raids, dungeons, and character systems that make Lost Ark special.” The developer recognizes the “steep progression curve,” and feels confident that the introduction of Jump-Start servers will create a “good place to bring players back.”

What exactly are Jump-Start servers, though? The dev says players on such servers “will receive materials that provide faster vertical and horizontal progression, including honing materials, card packs, and more.” If you join one of the new servers, you’ll get a South Vern pass so your character can immediately hit an item level of 1415. Smilegate says each region will have its own Jump-Start server, so no players will miss out.

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The new servers will be isolated from others, with their own features. Everything including the auction house, marketplace, party finder, and PvE matchmaking will work independently. The only thing that remains shared region-wide is the PvP matchmaking and rank system. Smilegate states, “This allows restarting players to have an independent experience that’s unaffected by existing servers or regions.”

While Jump-Start servers will initially be isolated, the dev does say that the team “will be closely monitoring the progression and populations.” In turn, Smilegate plans on “reconnecting Jump-Start Servers with their respective regions within the next six months.” You can view the full server details via Lost Ark’s official website, where you’ll find information on events and experience buffs unique to Jump-Start servers.

For those of you excited to check the new system out, Jump-Start servers open in Lost Ark starting Wednesday, September 13. 

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