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Manor Lords has an ale problem, so you’ve been called in to vote

Manor Lords ale drinking has become a problem, so developer Slavic Magic is asking players how to adjust the system to stop the overflow.

Manor Lords ale: two peasants in a coup of some sort, having a conversation

The citizens of Manor Lords are drinking too much ale. Players are struggling to make supply meet demand in the Steam city builder, so developer Slavic Magic is asking how best to change the system so towns aren’t beholden to Sisyphean standards of beer production. If you want to stop the suds from dominating your town’s economic pipeline then, you’d better get voting.

According to Slavic Magic, the ale balance in Manor Lords is one barrel per family each month, but players can’t keep up. “Players report that it’s ‘way’ too much and their towns can’t keep up. I guess for a 1,000-family city that is 1,000 barrels of beer per month which can be a huge burden,” they say of the city building game.

Much like with the Manor Lords trade survey, Slavic Magic is asking players how they want to see their town of ale drinkers rebalanced. There are four options on the cards:

  • Reduce ale consumption
  • Keep consumption as is but increase the production rate
  • Only make level 2 families go to the tavern
  • It’s a bug and not actually one barrel / one family / one month

Manor Lords ale: a Discord post asking players for feedback about ale in Manor Lords

Reducing overall ale consumption is winning at 7,000 votes right now, but the option to send only level 2 families to the tavern is closing in at around 5,500. The choice to keep consumption the same doesn’t look like it’ll pull ahead anytime soon, and Slavic Magic notes that it would make “one barley make two or more malt (keep in mind it will put more stress on logistics).”

It’s like some sort of mythological riddle, with the 1,000 barrels of ale the headscratcher that you never quite work out, before the sphinx gets fed up with waiting and just guts you. I do love the idea that Manor Lords players are scrambling to keep up with the demand for drinks though, with entire towns chugging it after a day’s work and summarily demanding more of the golden good stuff.

Don’t forget that Manor Lords is available via PC Game Pass, so you can play at no extra cost if you’re yet to jump in.

If you’re just starting we’ve got a comprehensive Manor Lords guide for you, alongside exactly how to raise your Manor Lords approval rating and how to upgrade Manor Lords burgage plots too.

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