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New bullet hell Steam FPS channels Doom’s cultic vibes for just $3

Brand new Steam FPS Manus Dei is just $3, giving you a grungy and crunchy boomer shooter game for basically next to nothing right now.

Manus Dei Steam FPS: a long brownstone walkway with blue skies above, a door rests at the end with a vhubby stone head above it, with a cross on the forehead

If you enjoy crunchy low-poly gunplay, boomer shooter movement, bullet hell-like projectiles, and cheap games, then the newly released FPS Manus Dei is the game for you. For just $3 this brand new boomer shooter that takes cues from the classics like Doom, and more modern swings at the genre like Devil Daggers, can be yours.

We love a good FPS game, especially ones that aim to modernize old-school graphics and design philosophies, thus continuing to prove that there’s always something to learn. Manus Dei is one of those games, as roguelike game OTXO developer Lateralis has just released a brand new project.

With just a low-poly weapon in hand, you’ll be navigating dark and dank levels with enemies incredibly reminiscent of what you’d find in Doom. The real kicker is that the weapon isn’t just an offensive tool, as you’ll also be using it for wall-jumping, boosting, and bunny-hopping.

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Then you combine that with a soundtrack that I can only describe as ‘Blade Runner meets the blood rave from Blade’ (try saying that five times fast), which gives Manus Dei an incredibly unique sense of identity that is equal parts gory power fantasy and existential terror.

You can snag Manus Dei on Steam for just $2.99 / £2.49, and while the initial Steam reviews are few in number, they’re glowing, comparing the new shooter to modern classics like Devil Daggers. You can find it here.

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