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Marvel 1943 Rise of Hydra fully revealed alongside a stunning trailer

Marvel 1943 Rise of Hydra has just been formally unveiled as Amy Hennig's new Marvel game, with a massive trailer accompanying the reveal.

Marvel 193 Rise of Hydra: Captain America in a helmet with an A on his forehead

Amy Hennig’s superhero game now has an official name and proper trailer, as Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra will see four heroes – Captain America, Black Panther, a Wakandan spy, and a Howling Commandos soldier – unite to take on the Nazi science division of Hydra during the Second World War.

We’ve known about Hennig’s next game, following up from Legacy of Kain, Uncharted, Battlefield Hardline, and Forspoken, for some time. That said, we didn’t know much outside of it being a superhero game. Now we have a name and almost 3-minute trailer; we’re looking at Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra.

“Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra – In the chaos of war, worlds collide. Skydance New Media and Marvel Games share an original story where an ensemble of four heroes must overcome their differences and form an uneasy alliance to confront their common enemy,” the game’s description reads.

YouTube Thumbnail

You’ll be controlling all four heroes at different stages of the narrative, and it certainly looks they’ll all be intersecting with each other as the story developers.

Marvel 143: Rise of Hydra is set for release in 2024, with Skydance New Media and Marvel Games collaborating on the project.

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