Midnight Suns update adds Deadpool food truck to the Abbey (seriously)

The new Midnight Suns update doesn't just add Marvel fan-favourite Deadpool to the Firaxis strategy game, it adds a food truck to the grounds of the Abbey.

Midnight Suns update adds Deadpool food truck to the Abbey (seriously): Marvel hero Deadpool in a black and gold version of his suit holding up two golden guns wearing a black and gold wizard hat standing on a black background

Yes, you read that right friends, the latest Midnight Suns update adds a food truck to the long forgotten grounds of the Abbey, the Marvel strategy game‘s central hub. It doesn’t just look cute though; it can play a huge role if used correctly.

As part of the upcoming Marvel Midnight Suns Deadpool DLC, the merc with the mouth is bringing along a particularly garish-looking food truck, which will be permanently stationed on the Abbey grounds and open for business upon Deadpool’s arrival.

Sporting bright pink neon lights and a few ominous looking circular holes, a shirtless image of a long haired Conan-style Deadpool riding a unicorn that’s framed by a rainbow is emblazoned on the side. Other features include childish drawings of flames around the wheels, separate order and pick up points, as well as a sign saying ‘mostly fresh.’

A food truck with bullet holes in it pained with a shirtless image of Marvel character Deadpool with flowing black hair on a unicorn, as well as a sign saying 'mostly fresh'

Would I eat here? Absolutely not; but thankfully I won’t have to. Instead, the food truck offers you the new ‘Discard’ option, which allows you to remove a card from your deck in exchange for an additional Move once per encounter. It has to be played in the same turn as the Discard card, and if you upgrade the truck you’ll gain a Shove card as well. Finally, a way to Discard my ever mounting pile of Nico Blood Magic cards.

The Midnight Suns food truck will be stationed next to the pool, but as I said before is only available as part of the Deadpool DLC. This can be purchased individually, or as part of the Midnight Suns season pass, and is entitled “The Good, The Bad, and The Undead.”

At the moment, the season pass has 10% off on Steam, costing $45.99  /£35.99 until February 2, so it might be worth picking it up. You’ll get the Deadpool DLC, as well as new characters Morbius, Storm, and Venom.

If Morbius doesn’t say ‘it’s morbing time’ I will revolt, but one of my favourite memories from Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 was Deadpool’s constant breaches of the fourth wall, so maybe we’ll see him ask Morbius if ‘it’s morbing time’ instead. Confused vampire noises, am I right?

With Deadpool and company finally dropping into the Abbey, I expect that the Midnight Suns tier list will get quite the shakeup, so if you’re looking to stay ahead of any new changes I’d recommend checking out our rundown of the best Midnight Suns Hunter build – after all, you’ve got complete control of their abilities.