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One of the best but most overlooked strategy games is currently free

Tragically overlooked since launch, right now Marvel’s Midnight Suns is free to keep on the Epic Games Store, but you’ll have to act fast.

One of the best but most overlooked strategy games is currently free: Wolverine jumps to attack with lines showing the extreme speed he's moving at.

There are a great many tragedies both big and small in the gaming industry and one of them is the lack of attention Marvel’s Midnight Suns has received. An instant classic that combines RPGs, strategy games, and card battlers with supernatural superhero shenanigans, developed by the team behind XCOM? It should’ve been a slam dunk and in some ways it was, at least in terms of critical reaction. Despite all that it’s struggled to make an impact, though that might be about to change.

Released back in 2022 there were a few things working against Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Firstly was the release date itself, with the strategy game arriving just before Christmas. The mix of genres may have proved a hard sell for some, with potential confusion over whether or not it’s a strategy game, RPG, or card game. Finally, 2022 saw the MCU hit a massive slump in the post-Endgame period, with anything associated with Marvel being a difficult proposition.

Despite all that, the team at Firaxis truly managed to create an all-time great game. Our Marvel’s Midnight Suns review explains exactly how ingeniously this game is put together, melding the best of XCOM with an RPG core that offered something completely different. With a 9/10 review from us under its belt you’d hope that it would gather an audience but in the two years since its launch it’s never quite become the household name it maybe deserved to be.

I could talk for a long time about how it blends together card-based combat that encourages you to try different tactics with rich RPG mechanics but to be honest, one of the most compelling draws for Marvel’s Midnight Suns is how it handles plot and character. Between missions you’ll have a fair bit of downtime in the Abbey where you’ll interact with your teammates. With a truly wonderful voice cast that serves to highlight the masterfully written inter-superhero relationships and conflicts, it’s arguably the quiet moments that make this game the joy to play that it is.

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Finally things may be about to take a turn for the positive as the game has got a chance at a new lease of life. Marvel’s Midnight Suns is free to keep on the Epic Games Store until Thursday June 13. While it doesn’t include the DLC for the game – you’ll have to grab them for yourself – this is a huge amount of game for the grand price of nothing, so head over and check it out for yourself.

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