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Marvel Snap who reveals first explained

If you’re wondering how the Marvel Snap who reveals first mechanic works, we have the answer for working out who has initiative and priority

Marvel Snap who reveals first: Promo art for the Savage Lands season showing Storm and Ka-Zar in jungle outfits

The Marvel Snap who reveals first mechanic is not well explained in-game whatsoever. It’s a key component of the game, especially when it comes to cards such as Cosmo that counter your opponent’s on reveal effects. Some players have gone months without realising there is actually a way to figure it out rather than priority being given randomly.

The player who reveals first is known as having the initiative in this card game, but how does the game decide who has the initiative? When you start using the best Marvel Snap decks and begin your climb to infinite rank, understanding who reveals first is crucial, and once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty simple. Here’s everything you need to know about working out who reveals first in Marvel Snap.

Who reveals first in Marvel Snap

Firstly, if you just want to see who will be revealing first on the next turn – the player with initiative – look to see which of the two player names has a glowing outline. This indicates the current player with initiative. At the start of the game for the first turn, initiative is assigned randomly.

The way the game works this out is essentially through whoever is winning. If you have two locations to your opponent’s one, you’ll have initiative and vice versa. However, if there’s a tie – both you and your opponent have one location each and the third location is even, then initiative will be based on the player with the highest total power. If you’re beating your opponent 10-2 in the left location, you’re losing 6-10 in the middle, and the far right is 0-0, then you’ll have initiative as you have 16 power to their 12.

That’s pretty much all there is to it! It doesn’t explain this anywhere with the free PC game itself, and it takes a long time playing to suss it out yourself, but now you know how it works, you can take the best Marvel Snap Wong deck up the ranks with ease. Just watch out for a pesky Cosmo or Enchantress to ruin your fun.