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Mass Effect: Andromeda gets a first gameplay trailer in gorgeous 4K

Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay trailer

Update September 7, 2016: During tonight’s PlayStation Meeting, Mass Effect: Andromeda got its first proper gameplay reveal, and in 4K.

During the short demo, we see Ryder and co in an underground cave filled with mysterious rock formations and plant life. 

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BioWare say there’s going to be another new trailer, along with the official unveiling of Andromeda, on November 7, so we’ve got that to look forward to.

For now, check out the gorgeous new gameplay video below:

Original Story September 7, 2016:It’s seeming very likely that Mass Effect developers BioWare are going to be showing something off at tonight’s PlayStation Meeting, in which the console manufacturer is pegged to show off the PlayStation Neo, a more powerful version of their current console.

The speculation comes from a host of teasing tweets across BioWare staff accounts, hinting that fans should tune into the stream. Mac Walters, creative director on the Mass Effect series replied to a fan account tweet, saying it was probably a good idea to watch.

We already know BioWare are working on a new IPthat’s due to be revealed in the not too distant future, so it could be that. BioWare have also been asking whether players would be interested in a Dragon Age Tactics game – think XCOM, but with dragons, mages and elves.

It’s looking more likely we’re going to be shown some Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay, however, as there’s also a similar tweet from Andromeda gameplay designer Manveer Heir.

We’ll update as soon as we know for sure. You can watch the PlayStation Meeting at 8pm BST here.