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Mass Effect may go back to “classic format,” rumors claim

While all eyes are on Bioware's upcoming Dragon Age sequel, Dreadwolf, industry insiders have heard rumors that Mass Effect 4 (or 5) won't be open world.

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Before Starfield there was Mass Effect, Bioware’s iconic space game – although it certainly didn’t age as well as the studio likely wanted it to. With the Dragon Age Dreadwolf release date seemingly a while off, and Bethesda’s titanic space opera now out in the world, eyes have turned to what the next Mass Effect 4 might look like – and it’s good news if you, like me, prefer the game’s classic format over Andromeda’s open world.

It’s worth me doubling down early and cautioning that this is just speculation at this point, based purely on insider rumors. However, Windows Central’s Jez Corden claims that Bioware is taking a more traditional approach to the next installment in the space saga, ditching Andromeda’s open world for a more classic approach to the game.

When discussing the myriad Starfield review takes on The Xbox Two podcast, Corden claims “I’ve heard that Mass Effect is ditching open world and going back to its classic format. I don’t know if that’s accurate, but it’s an interesting rumor.

“If Mass Effect goes back to doing exactly what it’s known for, they’ll be celebrated for it,” he continues. “But one of the criticisms of Starfield is that it’s just a Bethesda game.”

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It’s an interesting debate, for sure. I loved the original Mass Effect trilogy because of how streamlined it was and how genuine the relationships between your characters felt. Starfield, however, I’ve really not had much interest in at all – probably because there are just too many Starfield planets that are a bit of a waste of time.

While I’d love to see Mass Effect go back to its roots, it’s because all of that amazing storytelling was lost in Andromeda’s expansive open-world. Starfield, however, has kept it too close to Bethesda’s other universes – and I think that’s where the issue lies. Also, it’s just too big.

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