Starfield planets – all systems, moons, and worlds

There are over 1,000 Starfield planets, so here’s a guide to every colony world and star system we know of in this vast, open-world space game.

There are over 1000 Starfield planets: a man stands in space suit in the galaxy with planets surrounding him.

What are all of the Starfield planets? Starfield features over 1,000 planets spread across more than 100 star systems. On average, each system will have around ten celestial bodies for you to explore. We know you can build outposts in Starfield, hire characters to staff them, and harvest resources. It’s likely that every planet has at least one point of interest worth delving into or valuable materials potentially difficult to find elsewhere.

Not every Starfield planet is loaded with content, and some don’t have life on them at all due to their procedurally generated nature. Some are home worlds of the many Starfield factions, and you can visit their main headquarters in Starfield cities like New Atlantis on the planet Jemison. Many other worlds are desolate places ripe for exploration, though you’ll have to set out on foot, which is just as well as the sole concern of Constellation, one of the primary groups, is to push the frontiers of human understanding. We’ve split the many known destinations into planets and moons and given information on which system you can find them in below.

Starfield planets explained

You can land on and explore any planet, even if there’s no central landmark or settlement to visit, though you are able to explore more of some planets than others. Let’s take Jemison as an example for a fully immersible planet. Here, you can find the biggest city ever created in a game, full of people and creatures. However, Volii Alpha, the aquatic planet on which you find the pleasure city of Neon, for example, isn’t fully explorable because of all the water.

Smaller planets meanwhile are mostly procedurally generated, and don’t have much to look at – after all, 1,000 planets is a lot, they aren’t all bustling with life. We have a specific guide if you want to find out more about Starfield procedural generation.

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Starfield planets list

Naturally, with around 1,000 planets to discover in Starfield, we aren’t going to list them all. Instead, here are some of the most prominent planets you’ll visit during your missions and quests:

Name Surface type System
Akila  Rock Cheyenne
Al-Battani V
Alchiba IV Alchiba
Alchiba VII Alchiba
Alchiba X Alchiba
Algorab III
Alpha Andraste II Alpha Andraste
Alpha Andraste III Alpha Andraste
Altair II
Anselon Gas Giant Narion
Aranae I Aranae
Arcturus III Ice Giant Arcturus
Bardeen III
Beta Ternion III
Bondar Rock Alpha Centauri
Cassiopeia I
Cassiopeia IV
Charybdis III  Rock Charybdis
Cruth Ice Narion
Danra Barren Narion
Deepala Gas Giant Narion
Earth Rock Sol
Enlil V
Freya IX
Gagarin  Rock Alpha Centauri
Groombridge VIII
Jemison Rock Alpha Centauri
Kazarah Nirah
Kumasi III
Magreth Barren Narion
Mars Rock Sol
Moloch I Moloch
Nemeria IV Nemeria
Neptune Sol
Niira Rock Narion
Nirvana II
Olivas Gas Giant Alpha Centauri
Piazzi IV
Piazza VII
Pluto Sol
Porrima I Barren Porrima
Porrima III Rock Porrima
Porrima IV Porrima
Porrima V Porrima
Procyon III Procyon A
Rasalhague I
Sagan I Ice Sagan
Sumati Rock Narion
Syrma I
Tau Ceti II Tau Ceti
Tau Ceti VIII Tau Ceti
Tidacha I
Uranus Sol
Vectera Narion
Venus Rock Sol
Verne II
Vesta Lunara
Volii Alpha Volii
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Starfield moons

All 25 confirmed Starfield moons:

Moon Planet Surface type System
Al-Battani V-A
Alchiba IV-A Alchiba
Alchiba VII-B Alchiba
Alchiba X-B Alchiba
Algorab III-B
Andraphon Sumati Barren Narion
Cassiopeia IV-A
Chawla Olivas Ice Alpha Centauri
Curbeam Bondar Barren Alpha Centauri
Dalvik Deepala Rock Narion
Freya IX-B
Grimsey Deepala Ice Narion
Grissom Bondar Barren Alpha Centauri
Groombridge VIII-A
Gryphus Danra Barren Narion
Hawley Olivas Rock Alpha Centauri
Hyperia Magreth Barren Narion
Io Sol
Ka’zaal Nirah
Kreet Anselon Rock Narion
Kurtz Jemison Barren Alpha Centauri
Lovell Olivas Ice Alpha Centauri
Luna Sol
Montara Luna
Nemeria IV-A Nemeria
Piazzi IV-C Piazzi
Piazzi VII-B Piazzi
Podius Danra Barren Narion
Porrima IV-C Porrima
Porrima IV-D Porrima
Porrima V-A Porrima
Tau Ceti II-A Tau Ceti
Tau Ceti VIII-B Tau Ceti
Vectera Anselon Rock Narion
Voss Olivas Rock Alpha Centauri
Zamka Olivas Rock Alpha Centauri

A shot of the Alpah Centarui system, home to a handful of the many Starfield planets

Starfield systems

Here are all 17 known Starfield systems:

  • Alchiba – A barren, desert-like system home to sandy dunes.
  • Alpha Andraste – A rocky, sparse, mountainous system.
  • Alpha Centauri – Alpha Centauri is the closest solar system to our own Sol system, and is the capital of the United Colonies faction. The system’s three planets include Jemison, which is the home of New Atlantis, Gagarin, the gas giant Olivas, and its moon Chawla.
  • Aranae
  • Arcturus
  • Carinae
  • Charybdis – Charybdis III is located in this system of the same name, and while you don’t have to travel to this planet, we recommend it. You can meet some famous faces here, including Amelia Earhart, whom you can recruit to your Starfield crew.
  • Cheyenne – The home of Akila and the Freestar Collective faction that occupies the capital, Akila City. There are lots of Starfield creatures and interesting flora to explore here.
  • Lunara – Home to the planet Vesta, which used to be a farming planet for the Freestar Collective that turned into a warzone when the United Colonies believed that the Freestar Collective had breached the rules of the Treaty of Narion.
  • Masada – There’s not much going on on any of Masada’s planets, but Masada V-c is one of the locations on which you can obtain the Crystalline Crust trait.
  • Moloch
  • Narion – The Narion system is in the vicinity of Sol and Alpha Centauri, and is the first planetary system you visit upon completing the game’s intro. During the first of your Starfield missions, you must head to Kreet, a moon of Anselon.
  • Nemeria
  • Nirah
  • Olympus
  • Orborum Proxima
  • Porrima – Home to plentiful planets and even more moons, Porrima is also known as Gamma Virginis. It’s the location of the Red Mile facility.
  • Piazzi – Home to a multitude of similarly-named planets and their moons. Not much else is known yet about Piazzi.
  • Procyon A – This system isn’t located too far from our own Sol system, and houses several known planets.
  • Sagan – A small, one planet and sun system, here, you’ll just find Sagan I, an ice planet.
  • Sol – As our own inhabited system, we know the most about Sol in the real world. However, it’s very different in 2330. Earth, for example, has been completely abandoned by humans, and only one building remains standing. You’ll actually spend more time on Mars, where the city of Cydonia is located.
  • Tau Ceti
  • Valo
  • Volii – This system has six planets and five moons, and is controlled by the Freestar Collective. The aquatic planet Volii Alpha is the location of the major city of Neon, which was originally a fishing platform created by Xenofresh Corporation. The corporation discovered a fish with psychotropic properties in Neon, and made the decision to shift to the production of the drug Aurora which is sold and used for self-enjoyment. Now, the headquarters of Ryujin Industries is also located in Neon, and it is a notable hub for commerce and business.
  • Wolf

A view of the Starfield planet Kreet from the starmap after a scan for resources has been done.

Starfield system and planet view

Before you fast travel to a system or planet, you are able to see what is available at your destination before landing, letting you decide whether to explore or bypass it altogether.

Hovering over a planet reveals its surface type, the resources available there, the gravity levels, temperature, and more. You are also able to see all available and completed quests at any planet, and the percentage of the surface you have surveyed so far. Click anywhere on the planet, either on a landing point or near interesting resources, to land.

You can even scan the planet from your starmap, revealing the locations of all the resources available. If you’re hopping on a quick adventure to collect gold or iron, you can land in exactly the right place and be in and out in minutes.

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And that’s everything there is currently about Starfield planets. For more information about Starfield, check out what we know at the moment about support for Starfield mods, as well as the good news about Starfield Game Pass. For more exciting space games, we’ve got a guide for that as well.

Still looking for more? While a good Starfield wiki can be a handy source of information, our new Starfield Database goes further, offering you daily news, searchable databanks, and even interactive tools.