The Witcher becomes a strategy game in this Total War mod

Want a Witcher RTS? Modders have you covered

The Witcher 3

The Witcher has successfully made the jump from books to games, and then crossed genres from RPG games to card games – so why not conquer strategy games, too? There’s no official plan for a strategic Witcher spin-off, but luckily the Total War mod community is around to bring the Continent to the venerable real-time tactics series.

While that’s the eventual plan, the modders behind Witcher: Total War are starting reasonably small. The total conversion for Medieval 2 will initially launch as a demo, with a map encompassing Velen and Novigrad and three factions: Reedania, Novigrad, and the Nilfgaardian Empire. Eventually, that’ll expand to a Northern Realms map with 20 factions, and then a full Grand Campaign map with 29 factions.

The Witchers themselves will show up as units – six different types for each of the schools – and many other types of units will take inspiration from the armies featured in Gwent. You won’t see any Total War: Warhammer-style monsters as units, though those types of beast may be included through scripts.

Sadly, there’s not yet any indication of when we can play Witcher: Total War – the small mod team is clear about their limited time to work on the project. You can check out the early details on ModDB (via PC Gamer).

For now, you can count the minutes to The Witcher Netflix release time, which coincidentally stars Total War superfan Henry Cavill.