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9/10 Medieval survival RPG launches long-awaited co-op mode

Medieval Dynasty co-op is here, as the Middle Ages survival game, management sim, and RPG celebrates the multiplayer mode with a Steam sale.

Medieval Dynasty co-op mode arrives in the Steam survival RPG - A young boy draws a bow.

Steam survival game Medieval Dynasty gets its long-awaited co-op mode today, letting you dive into the world of the genre-blending RPG with friends. There’s even better news, too, as those of you yet to try it but who fancy a more relaxing, building and management focused spin on games such as Sons of the Forest, Valheim, and Rust can get in on the action at a discount. With a ‘very positive’ 90% Steam user rating from over 27,000 reviews, you’d certainly be in great company.

As a newly arrived member of a Medieval community, you’ll start your journey learning the basics of survival – hunting, farming, building tools and weapons, constructing shelters, and so on. As your journey continues, however, Medieval Dynasty expands into a more full-blown RPG game, with you building out your village, managing your community, and ultimately leading them into a prosperous dynasty.

You’ll get to interact with the various members of your community, forge friendships and alliances, trade with others, and even grow your own family – getting married, settling down in your own home, and even having children. As your village grows out, you begin handing off tasks to others, providing the equipment for them to get started and ensuring they can help contribute to the town.

It’s a much more relaxing and roleplay-driven take on survival than the likes of Valheim – you will encounter dangerous wildlife, and perhaps even bandits, but the focus is much less on combat than on building out a thriving community. As such, bringing along your friends is the perfect way to enhance the experience, and you can now do so with the official launch of the game’s co-op mode today, December 7, following a beta testing period.

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Medieval Dynasty co-op launches Thursday December 7 at 8am PST / 11am EST / 4pm GMT / 5pm CET. If you’re jumping in for the first time, you can even do so at a discount thanks to a handy Steam sale. Medieval Dynasty is 25% off on Steam until Thursday December 14. Expect to pay just $26.24 / £20.24 for your copy if you want to get started.

Alternatively, if the prospect of a co-op lifestyle sim in the style of The Elder Scrolls Skyrim (but without the dragons) isn’t quite fantastical enough for you, publisher Toplitz Productions has just announced Vampire Dynasty, its next game in the series.

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