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Grab these classic WW2 strategy games for under $1 each, quick

The Men of War series of classic PC World War II strategy games are on sale, with several of its early entries available for less than $1.

Men of War series Steam sale makes the classic RTS games super cheap - A soldier wearing a traditional green helmet.

World War II has long been a haven for some of the best strategy games on PC. From stalwarts like Company of Heroes, Hearts of Iron 4, and Commandos, to the upcoming Kaiserpunk and Classified: France ‘44, there’s a lot of choice out there to replicate the harsh, unforgiving conflict. Among the best is the Men of War series, and now ahead of the upcoming Men of War 2 you can get almost the entire series at discounts of 80% and above, meaning many of the classics can be yours for less than one dollar.

Numerous games in the Men of War series, including its first two games before it bore the now-standard branding, are available for next to nothing in an ongoing Steam sale. With many boasting 9/10 Steam ratings, there’s plenty of reason to go back and revisit some of these beloved classics, which hold up among the best WW2 strategy games – or to discover them for the first time.

The first two options on the list are the games that kicked off the Best Way-developed series, and are generally considered to be part of the Men of War series despite both predating the 2008 game that would become the flag-bearer for the series moving forward. 2004’s Soldiers: Heroes of World War II ($0.74/£0.64) and 2006’s Faces of War ($0.74/£0.64) are both still well-liked, putting you in charge of American, British, Soviet, and German forces and establishing its long-honed brand of tactical real-time action.

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Then you have Men of War itself ($0.74/£0.64), and its 2009 sequel Red Tide ($0.99/£0.85), both also less than a dollar apiece. While the Men of War campaign spans three storylines across the Soviet, Allied, and German armies, Red Tide puts you in charge of the ‘Black Coats,’ an elite force of Soviet Marines, and expands on its predecessor with new units, vehicles, and emplacements across land, sea, and air.

There’s also 2011’s Men of War: Assault Squad ($0.99/£0.85), which introduces Japan to the series for the first time, along with a new cooperative skirmish game mode, and ramps up the scale of the conflict across the board. Or, if you’re prepared to spend a little more, its 2014 sequel Assault Squad 2 is also 80% off at just $5.99/£4.99.

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Finally, if you’ve never delved into Men of War’s blend of wartime strategy and feel like having Best Way’s full complement at your disposal, you can buy the complete Men of War franchise bundle, which is 86% off on Steam until Tuesday, January 30, meaning you can expect to pay just $21.51/£18.22 for the full complement of games, including other games such as Vietnam and Condemned Heroes, and their respective DLC offerings.

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