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This classic 9/10 World War II strategy game is yours for under $1

Men of War, the 2008 World War II RTS putting you in charge of armed forces during the historical conflict, is on sale for next to nothing.

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The Second World War is a setting that’s been seen in many of the best strategy games. Among those is Men of War, the classic 2008 RTS with a campaign putting you in charge of American, British, Soviet, and German forces across the battlefields of Europe and North Africa. Now, following several sequels and as the series returns with the launch of the Men of War 2 open beta this weekend, you can see where it all began for less than a single dollar.

Men of War is an RTS game that offers a depiction of WW2 conflict branching across both large-scale and smaller battles, giving you direct control over everything from the grand-scale tactics down to the actions of individual units. Some missions put you in charge of smaller squads as they face a more numerous enemy force, while others step up the scale with bigger battles that see you assaulting enemy positions and strongholds.

Through its 19-mission single-player campaign, you’ll experience three distinct stories told for each of the Soviet, Allied, and German forces, all featuring lovingly crafted, realistic replications of the various armaments, equipment, and vehicles built in accordance with design drawings and historical records of the era. Holding onto a 9/10 Steam rating from users and now in a Steam sale, this throwback is still worth visiting today.

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After eight sequels that followed the first Men of War (itself the third of developer Best Way’s World War II games), we’re finally due to see the arrival of Men of War 2 in 2024, with the new game’s open beta live now and running through Tuesday, November 21. What better time than now, then, to pick up the original game and see how it started?

Sadly, Men of War’s online multiplayer matchmaking (which also includes Japan as an additional force) is no more due to the closure of GameSpy, but you can still take on other players via LAN, or use one of the many services that let you connect to friends for remote local area play. Nevertheless, for this price, the Men of War campaign is well worth a look, especially if you’re curious about the sequel.

Men of War is $0.74 / £0.64 on Steam until Tuesday, November 21. Along with the first game, you can also get a complete franchise bundle including all the games before the upcoming Men of War 2, covering numerous historical conflicts, for just $21.32 / £18.06. You can also request access to the Men of War 2 playtest if you’re interested in seeing what’s next.

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