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Enjoy your Meta Quest 3 lying down thanks to new update

If you like to use your Meta VR headset while prone, this latest update brings the popular Quest 2 lying down feature to the Quest 3.

Two people lying down of the floor with meta quest 3 headsets imposed over their faces

It might sound counterintuitive, but there are a lot of gamers who like to use their Meta Quest 3 while lying down. Until recently, the headset effectively acted no differently whether you were lying down or standing up, but Meta Quest Update v64 changes this situation.

The Meta Quest 3 is one of our picks for the best VR headset that money can buy, but its older sibling, the Quest 2, still sometimes gets new features first. The lying down feature is one example that hit older headsets first, arriving in update v63, but Meta has quickly turned the situation around, so this feature is now also available on its latest headsets.

Meta Quest 3 "use apps while lying down" feature

If you’re not the kind of gamer who likes to enjoy a more relaxed, horizontal session in virtual reality, this feature might not seem too appealing. However, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to wear your headset while prone.

Entertainment apps are the biggest reason, with no one wanting to have to stand while watching YouTube, but meditation apps like Tripp can also benefit from this new perspective.

To enable the lying down feature, you need to head into the settings menu on your Meta Quest 3. From there, locate the experimental settings, and within this menu, enable the option “Use Apps While Lying Down”.

Beyond this new feature, passthrough has also been massively improved on the Quest 3. Now, when looking at other bright displays, the light no longer creates a glare that is impossible to see through, with greater clarity that brings us one step closer to the level of quality expected when the headset was first released.

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