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Popular VR accessory is such a hit, you need to be invited to buy one

Wield VR is behind the OneStock, an all encompassing VR gunstock accessory that's changing the way FPS games are played in virtual reality.

Wield VR One Stock group photo

There’s nothing quite like the immersion of an FPS in virtual reality, but over time, the act of holding your arms up as though you’re wielding a gun can be quite the strain. This is where Wield VR and the OneStock come in, a revolutionary new VR accessory that’s proving difficult to get a hold of, largely due to its already booming popularity.

If you’re going to play on one of the best VR headsets, your accessory game needs to level up too, and the OneStock is exactly what you need if you’re a fan of FPS games in VR. It takes what can be an awkward experience and turns it into something tangible.

One Stock Wield VR cutout

The versatility of the OneStock is impressive because anyone could have released a fixed gun-like controller and called it a day, in fact, many already exist. Instead, Wield VR created an accessory that can mimic multiple weapon types and sizes but also considers how gameplay can change in the blink of an eye.

OneStock hooks around your neck, safely, but this allows you to drop the gunstock at any point while still maintaining control of your VR controllers. Adjustments are as simple as finding a clasp to extend or shorten the barrel, while the stock distance, height, and orientation are also easy to adjust with short, simple actions.

Granted, at $159 (£124.15), the OneStock price seems a little steep, but when you take a step back to appreciate just how much this accessory can impact FPS gameplay, it’s a small price to pay. No developer or game input is needed to get the OneStock working, meaning it’s compatible with any FPS game that offers dual grip weapons such as assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, and SMGs.

Wield VR has also ensured the compatibility net is wide, with most major VR controllers being compatible with the OneStock, including those for Meta Quest 3, 2, and Pro, PSVR2, Valve Index, and Pico 4.

The next wave of pre-orders is going to be invite-only, so if you want the chance to buy one, you’ll need to register on the Wield VR site now. If you’re lucky enough to purchase one, they are expected to ship in April.