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Sony is making a PSVR2 PC adaptor, and it’s been certified in Korea

According to a screenshot seen on X, Sony is in the process of certifying an adaptor so the PlayStation's VR headset will work on PC.

PSVR2 PC adapter leaked

Ever since the release of Sony’s PSVR2 headset, there have been calls from virtual reality enthusiasts to make the headset compatible with PC. It seems like Sony may finally be listening as certification for a “PlayStationVR2 PC adapter” has appeared on the Korean National Radio Research Agency website.

While it may be the best VR headset directly tied to a console, PSVR2’s relationship with PC VR has been rocky at best. It took an avid modding community to make the first headset compatible with PC and despite endless calls, Sony only revealed its intention to expand PSVR2’s compatibility earlier this year. But is it all too late to have any impact on the likes of Meta and Valve?

First spotted by Brad Lynch on X (formerly Twitter), the listing for the PSVR 2 adapter appears on the Korean National Radio Research Agency site as part of a certification status search result.

While Sony confirmed this expanded compatibility in a blog post in February 2024, no timeline was set on when we could expect it to become a reality. This new development suggests that work is still being done, but it could be closer than we expect.

Despite this, the dominance that the Meta Quest 3, its predecessor, and the Valve Index have on PC VR, at least according to the Steam Hardware Survey, suggests that it is too little, too late from Sony. These three headsets account for just over 69% of the active VR headsets on Steam, with the original PlayStation VR sitting at just 0.06%.

On the surface, it feels like this move will only benefit players who already own a PSVR2 for their PS5, and perhaps have a VR-capable gaming PC ready to use. While Sony could make moves, like a deep price-cut, to push the headset onto a larger audience, it feels like the right moment has long passed by.

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