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Don’t buy the Meta Quest elite strap, get this $30 alternative instead

To enjoy VR gaming for longer, you need the Kiwi head strap as it's the best alternative to the Elite, and there's a battery version too.

Kiwi Meta Quest 3 head strap

When trying to build a tolerance for VR gaming, physical comfort is the first obstacle to overcome. The Kiwi comfort head strap for Meta Quest 3 takes your immersive experiences to the next level, allowing for longer and more enjoyable sessions for a fraction of the cost of an elite strap. In fact, as part of a limited-time deal on Amazon, the Kiwi Quest 3 head strap is currently $29.99.

As one of the best VR headsets, there’s little to dislike about the Meta Quest 3, but its head strap is one issue I could never overcome. Despite some design changes, it still isn’t suited to long gaming sessions, and ultimately Meta wants you to invest in a $70 elite strap or a $130 elite battery strap.

For less than half the price of the official Meta Quest 3 elite strap, you can treat yourself to the Kiwi designs alternative, at $29.99. This is currently 25% off in a limited-time deal on Amazon. What was already an incredible price, just got better.

All of the Kiwi Meta Quest 3 straps include a padded interior with a strong plastic adjustable frame that allows you to make micro-adjustments for maximum comfort. All in all, the visual design is very similar compared to the official elite strap from Meta, albeit bulkier, but the comfort levels are far greater and the Kiwi strap acts as a better counterweight if you find yourself struggling with the current front-heavy balance of your Quest 3.

Alternatively, if you are keen to get a battery charging strap for the Quest 3, Kiwi’s alternative to the elite is also less than half the MSRP at $59.99. Better still, while there is no active deal, we have been able to verify that there is a 15% coupon being offered on it right now. This would bring the price down to $50.99.

Once you’ve got your new improved strap, you can try out some of the best Meta Quest 3 games to put it to the test.