Meta Quest takes aim at Apple Vision Pro with update v62

Was it coincidence, or planning, that led to Meta releasing this new update in the same week that Apple launches its VR/AR headset?

Meta Quest update v62

In the same week that Meta revealed that the Quest 3 had driven the highest-ever quarterly earnings for the Reality Labs division, surpassing $1 billion, a new update is now coming to its flagship headset, and it seems to take aim at the Apple Vision Pro.

As one of the best VR headsets available, the Meta Quest 3 is on a constant journey to be improved with every update. Now, Meta Quest update v62 looks to add some long-awaited features, while refining the quick action process when you’re not using a controller.

Headlining Meta Quest update v62 is the addition of spatial video playback. You can now add spatial videos from your Apple iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max to the Meta Quest app, and then view them in your Quest 3 headset.

Call me a cynic, but leading with a very Apple-centric feature in the same week that the Apple Vision Pro comes out can be no coincidence, and the same goes for the news of record profits at Meta’s Reality Labs over the last three months, just as the Vision Pro is appearing to be met with polarizing opinions.

Stranger still is the fact this feature is being pushed to the top of the list, when a few other additions seem far more substantial. The modifications made to quick actions for your hands are big, with it now being far easier to hide and reveal the universal taskbar and recenter yourself, all using the same motion but with varied time-based activations.

Controller support has also been added for browser-based games, with Xbox and PlayStation controllers among compatible devices. This primarily targets the Xbox Cloud Gaming app, as the list of compatible controllers has expanded, but it’s also relevant to any other cloud-based gaming services that offer in-browser play.

Finally, live streaming to Facebook has been refined and finally released to everyone, following a beta period, to ensure the feature was fit for purpose. YouTube live streaming has also been given an update, as you can now view your chat while in VR provided you’re using OBS as your streaming software.

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